Looking for Tips for Training for Skiing!

In a couple of months I will be lucky enough to go to Vail for the American Ski Cup Classic and I’ll also get a chance to ski. I do ski and I love it. Last year I totalled about 4 days in Perisher but picked up my short turns down Olympic run fairly quickly. So you see, that is my challenge – I need to train for the 6 hours min potential skiing in Vail.

I have been fortunate enough to ski Hakuba in Japan a few years back, which I highly recommend if you have the fortune to visit. But there is something about the Vail ski trails and back bowls that will present a whole new level of skiing for me.

So, I have been back on the treadmill pushing inclines and moving   of fan belt in around 45 mins at my last run. And back to spin class. And weights sessions as well. It’s a good thing for me I actually enjoy training and pushing my body. I would like to get some more sessions in of MMA or Muay Thai, at the very least … yes I’m still looking for somewhere/someone although something tells me nothing will compare with DMMA in Melbourne. Bummer.

Would love some tips and advice for training for skiing please!

Thank you in advance… and my legs and skiing partner/guide/coach/former world cup skier/better half, Mr M, will also thank you!




Finding a Personal Trainer

Keeping fit is something I’m passionate about. Getting active and hot and sweaty makes me feel sensational so it’s no small thing for me to decide to want t a personal trainer. I’ve had one before – twice a week to get me doing exercises I wouldn’t normally do, not an incredibly challenging brief for a PT. But now, I know what I want.

Have pushed myself physically and mentally for 9 months through five 1.5 hour sessions of muay thai, boxing and MMA (with the odd BJJ and judo lesson thrown in to round things out) my requirements for a PT are more specific. I want someone who has fought or is fighting professionally now, someone who won’t treat me like a girl and someone who will help me perfect my technique.

I’ve been referred to ‘PT L’ (let’s call him that in case it doesn’t work out) and he’s fought professionally and focuses on technique in the striking elements of MMA…all sounds good so far. He can only do mornings, not preferable for me but willing to work something out. Might be time to call on flexi time at work!

What I want is someone to get me back into the MMA frame of mind and body so I can get the most out of group classes where they don’t focus so much on technique. Depending on how much he costs will determine how often I see him…if he’s outstanding I’ll commit, if not I’ll keep shopping around…

I’m auditioning him with a free trial session he offers browsing clients next week. Will let you know how it goes.