What value-add can a PR girl offer?

I chose to complete a BA (Hons) Communications which means I am equipped to go down a few career paths. Before you click away, this is not a pitch for business, just a request for your advice about the best value-add a girl can have, but I need to set the scene first. So, after much work experience (although can you ever really have enough when you’ve only been inside educational institutions since the tender age of 4?) I chose to follow the PR road around three years ago, working with small agencies with a wide variety of clients across a range of industries.

To name all but a few I have experience with an eco resort, glassware, washing machines and whitegoods, medical professionals, franchises, food products, beverages, fitness educators, flooring and events. My clients have been international companies to SME, national companies and a one man band (not really a band, he was a chef). Having managed my own accounts for the last year and a half I feel confident in my ability but respect that I still have much to learn and other PR experiences to live. So now, with the sudden public embrace of online everything, I wonder if I should get myself another piece of paper to prove that I know stuff.

The questions is, what is the best value-add for a future in communications, be that PR, MarComms or even possibly advertising? I know this sounds very Gen Y of me to consider that I may not be in PR forever but it’s a possibility. The obvious education is something that would give me online knowledge and practical advantage but then what area of online do I choose to be my first value-add? Or do I consider Marketing as a qualification worth having? Is this piece of paper worth pursuing at all?


Careers in new media

I have noticed more and more jobs emerging which require new media and social media skills. Very excited about this but I just hope employers/HR has considered the time commitments required for being a dedicated new media participant in the job description and are not just adding it to the list of ‘preferred skills’.