Google+ … what value do you get froom using Google+?

I’ve been ‘on’ Google+ for a while now but it’s something I personally tend to dip in and out of. I’ve not yet found the daily value for my day-to-day but I’m willing to give it more of a chance! I’ve actually just registered to be part of a hangout with NASA (thank you Steve D) … will let you know how it goes!

For brands and businesses, if your demographic is skewed male and tech-minded then this is the happening place to be! I’ve read some good case studies of Google+ for phone companies and trades and B2B where the use of circles and hangouts can add a layer of depth to your online connections.

Here’s an infograph I came across from the Copyblogger site:
64 Google+ Content Strategies [Infographic]

Like this infographic? Grab a proven framework for content marketing that works from Copyblogger.



  1. Thanks for posting this infograph, Kimberley! I will be referring back to this for my work. I also enjoyed your post on being active in social media while being a private person – something I can relate to!

    • Hi Amy, thanks for stopping by to comment and for reading my blog! It was in and out of a coma since I moved back to Sydney as I originally started it to tell my stories of my Melbourne adventures so I’ve had to find a new focus of my blog. I will be posting more social media/comms stuff but you’ll also see posts about health and fitness, the beach, my dog and my general adventures. I work in PR/Social Media space which is there that fits in to my daily life. I had a read of some of your posts as well – congratulations in facing your fears and may you face and conquer many more this year 🙂

  2. I joined Google Plus but I am still so unsure how to use it.. I don’t really want to add too many friends but just use it to share my blog.. I am still a bit new to using Twitter, Google plus just gives me a headache :-p

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