End of an Adventure, Beginning of an Old New Story

When I started this blog it was to document my adventures of moving from Sydney to Melbourne. I’ve written about my excitement, nerves, fear of possums, amazing food experiences and the wonderful Melburnians I’ve been lucky enough to meet.

And now I’ve come full circle and will be moving back to my home town.

I knew this move back would come around eventually but I admit I am surprised it has come this soon. An opportunity has come up in our Sydney office so I’m grabbing it while I can and packing up to head back home. These past months I’ve been in Sydney more than I’ve been in Melbourne and so it now makes sense for me to settle back in old Sydney Town.

Farewells are always so bitter sweet and it’s with fondness and happy memories that I pack up my Melbourne life. When I have more time to reflect (after the packing has been done and the moving has been sorted) I’ll record a more thoughtful post.

In the meantime I’m madly packing and booking a number of services. My darling mother is coming to visit and help – she will be there to meet all the moving people and cleaners and car sales people while I’m at work…bless mothers.

I am excited to be moving back home to my family and friends and new found love. Although I’m moving back to an old familiar setting it will be a new adventure that I’m excited to embrace.

Kenzan for the Best Shabu Shabu

Both times I’ve been to Kenzan for Shabu Shabu have been amazing. This meal is healthy and delicious and best shared with someone you love…ok, a little over the top but it’s ideal for sharing; if you like the person you’re sharing with then all the better.

The description of Shabu Shabu on their menu is:

Shabu Shabu – Ever Finer sliced beef and vegetables, lightly cooked in a clear broth, served with ponzu & sesame dipping sauces

Having the pot of broth lightly bubbling away at the table as you select your slices of meat and vegetables you would like was almost therapeutic. The idea is that you lightly boil the meat then dip it in the sesame and ponzu (a soy vinegar mix) and eat with vegetables cooked the same way and some boiled rice.

The staff at Kenzan are lovely and the service efficient.

I would recommend Kenzan – it’s a little hidden in the Collins Place complex underneath the Sofitel at 45 Collins St in Melbourne CBD but well worth the visit.


Cook Shabu Shabu at your table or try the sushi bar


Kenzan Japanese Restaurant

Collins Place, 45 Collins Street (56 Flinders Lane), Melbourne 3000
Ph: 03 9654 8933

Experiencing the MCG and Twenty20 Cricket

Last Friday night I had my first MCG (the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground) experience and my first live cricket attendance; and what a great way to do it – at the Twenty20 International with Australia defeating England in a close game.

Living within walking distance to the MCG is a blessing when living in Melbourne …well, so I am told by those who actually go to sporting games and events at the stadium which is pretty much everyone as this is where the AFL is played. I’ve avoided going, not because I haven’t wanted to but because there hasn’t been anything I felt passionate enough to go for.

Friday’s adventure was with work (thank you Edelman!) and my client Dave from Shoplist came along too. Dave’s well versed in the art of attending the MCG and good company at the company event. We sat third row from the front eagerly awaiting the pyrotechnic feature flames that blazed for sixes and when people got out.

About a third of the group had not been to such an event before and we had a great time dodging inflatable balls, swooning over old-timer Brett Lee, eating stadium food, drinking out of plastic cups and cringing at the random dancers in white.

And the cricket was exciting too, as cricket goes, when the last few balls decided who won. I’ve watched plenty on TV before but the atmosphere of being there live was enough for me to agree to get down there next AFL season.

Facing Fears

Last week I was lucky enough to have my sister visit. She had been indoor rock climbing with some friends in Sydney recently and thought it would be a fun activity for us to do here. There is a place in the city called The Hardrock Climbing Company I’ve seen many times and thought ‘I’d really like to go there’ but alas I’ve not yet found the right person to go with here in Melbourne. I also have a fear of heights.

When my fear sets in I freeze and can’t move my arms or legs. It happened at the Women’s Health Expo earlier in the year on a meager 3 metre wall… I saw something on the Hardrock website about a 17 metre wall…

And so we decided to meet after work one evening. It was pouring rain and we arrived looking like drowned rats but very excited. I was more nervous than excited but tried to channel all of that energy into excitement. And knowing she had climbed recently was a huge comfort – at least one of us had recent experience!

We harnessed up and had our training session with a guy who was exactly like your would imagine a rock climbing dude to be like. And then we were left to our own devices.

There are hand/foot holds up the wall with different colours marking out the different skill levels. We hung around the 13 level which was challenging. I cheated and used whatever holds I could reach but my sister was focused and disciplined and practiced enough to stick to the one route.

We conquered the walls making it all the way to the top – my sister on all her climbs and mine about 80 per cent. We even championed a small overhang. Our arms were aching and so were our faces and stomachs from laughing so much. I had such a great time and was so proud of her climbing ability and fearlessness.

This is one of the best times I’ve had in Melbourne so far. Thank you my beautiful sister. x

P.S. would recommend this as a fun activity and something different, especially if it’s raining! We spent about two hours there – lots of fun!







Picture: Hardrock Climbing

Underground Cinema Melbourne

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be a ‘plus one’ date for my friend Joyce (you may know her as @jetsettingjoyce from Mel:Hot or Not, CycleStyle or Tot: Hot or Not), to accompany her to an Underground Cinema event. This was my first such experience and I wasn’t sure what it was exactly.

But it was all revealed when we arrived at a stage show/theatre function place called Red Bennies in Prahran and people were lining up in 1930s gangster garb for a viewing of the film Little Caesar.

The Underground Cinema concept is they run screenings of movies in undisclosed locations that become disclosed closer to the time. Each event is set to a theme and people dress up with enthusiasm.

At this event there was a brass band and swing dancers setting the scene and the boys presenting donned their best gangster accents and outfits. We watched the movie although many people were distracted by the setting, their friends and the bar but the vibe was committed to the theme and it seemed to run well, if a little cramped.

I had a great time and thankful for the invite. Joyce was asked to go as a blogger and, well, I thought I’d give them two for one and blog about it too.

You can sign up to become part of the Underground Cinema ‘in-crowd’ … and it’s a charmingly diverse crowd to be a part of. Check it out.