Back to it … Boxing at Fitness First

I feel as though I need to start this post with an introduction to myself it’s been that long between posts. So here’s an update on one of the things I love – getting the gloves on for a hard, sweat until you vomit MMA session. Well, since moving back from Sydney I have not been successful in finding a place that even comes remotely near Dominance MMA back in Melbourne. There are places I’ve heard of but they’re about 1.5 hours away from where I spend my days … I love it but not that much. So I’ve resigned myself to accept I will choose striking (boxing and muay thai) as there are places much closer to home.

But there is a but. I have an appointment with the specialist next month about the pins in my feet I obtained a while ago back around the start of this blog. A couple (one in each foot) are giving me a little trouble so I have put any kicking (via Muay Thai) on hold until after I’ve seen the doc.

So, I’m down to boxing. Which I still love. And the best thing is, I’ve found a great class at Fitness First (of all places some may say) at Spring St, Bondi Junction. The best thing is, they have a dedicated boxing ring and an area with a speedball and bags so it looks like some serious training goes on here. And it smells like sweaty fighters. Which I also love.

Had my first session last night and can’t wait to get back there… watch this space.


I Hit a Girl (and I Liked It…)

I had my first sparring session at DMMA last night as part of a boxing session. Fitted out in my new white gloves I paired with a girl who has trained to compete in the past so, naturally, I was a little bit scared. But with mouthguard in place I did my best to remember everything I’ve learned so far about where to keep my gloves, elbows, hips, feet, eyes and chin. So much goes into each move I was exhausted.

It’s also a very strange thing, for me anyway, to punch someone in the face. To aim for someone’s face is counter-intuitive to everything I’ve been taught and especially all that I’ve ever practiced. I’m a lover, not a fighter…usually…but I feel this can change. It has to if I want to survive in the ring. So, in these next few months I’ll be invoking the fighter within so I can get some more punches out.

I have a feeling this is going to take some time and many more sessions before it starts to feel natural… and some more training sessions with a pro boxer, my secret training weapon.

Watch this space (and your face!)…