4 Friends, 5 Clubs, 2 Days and Lots of Fun

Last weekend I was blessed to have three friends stay for the weekend – two from Sydney and one who was Sydney for six months before moving back to Melbourne. They arrived late Friday nights after a cancelled Tiger flight and re-booking on Qantas very ready to get out into the night. So we got dressed and out the door in no time to our first venue – Silk Road.

Silk Road is an elegant, flashy place, very Sydney, luxe and gorgeous (I’ve been there once before and loved it, think Saturday is a better/younger than 60 night). We met a couple of my friends there and after one bevvy and realising we brought the average age down considerably we headed to Spice Market.

This is my first time there and I am in love. It’s my new favourite place. The interior is stunning and the crowd is just beautiful. We made new friends with a group of suits in a booth and danced and drank until it closed surprisingly early for a night out. So we all, new friends included, headed to Boutique and finished the night off with some more shots and VIP treatment. I realise at this point how much I’m enjoying it and feel decidedly ‘Sydney’ as the Melburnians put it.

Saturday morning rolled around and we de-briefed the night before at Proud Mary (check out my friend Joyce’s blog about it), one of my local favourites. Then we headed to Costco and, yes I know it seems boring, but it is such a novelty!

After a disco nap we ordered Thai food – nothing better than dinner in your PJs before glamming it up … again. We headed to Alumbra where one of the girls had us on the door thanks to one of her friends and we danced until we decided it wasn’t as fun as the night before. So we headed to Eve and behind the ‘velvet rope’ to meet our new friends from the night out before! Loves it.

The next morning we soaked up our hangovers at the cafe in my block – Grocery Bar – for a feast (ok, I had a feast, the others ate a reasonable amount). The girls got ready to leave and checked flights. Yep, Tiger had cancelled and not told them. Again. So we re-booked them on Qantas home later in the evening, got back in our PJs and watched movies until it was time to say farewell.

Thank you to my beautiful friends for such a wonderful weekend, definitely one of the best I’ve had in Melbourne so far.

Miss you already x


Melbourne’s First PR/Comms/Media networking night – 30 Sept #prjournolove

Last year in July 2009 when I was still relatively new to Twitter and well into the media relations space the lovely Jen Bishop at Dynamic Business Magazine and I were musing about the myth of ‘PR people versus Journalists’ and why this was so. Lamenting about the negativity of this industry rift and how much love there actually is, and can be, between media and PR people we came up with a Twitter hashtag #prjournolove.

Since that fateful day we’ve seen the tag spreading the love far and wide and the wonderful Jen started a Sydney #prjournolove event, giving media and PR people the chance to meet and mingle and strengthen the bond between the two professions.

There should not be such a ‘us versus them’ mentality because in reality we need each other. When PR and media work best is when they work best together because ultimately we’re working towards getting stories and information out there.

So, together with a group of lovely friends and colleagues in the PR and media industry whom I’ve met here in Melbourne, we’re bringing the very first Melbourne #prjournolove event to town.

Next Thursday 30 September at 24 Moons in ACDC Lane in the city from 6.30pm. #prjournolove

RSVP at the Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=115658781823055

See you there!