Lost: One Blog Topic…

So, one of the main reasons I lost my blogging mojo is because I lost my blog topic. It has been my life in Melbourne. The places I go, people I’ve met, new things I’ve tried. Moving back to Sydney meant also moving away from my blog topic. While many have pointed out that many blogs die, mine has just been in a coma. And now it’s being resuscitated. It may take me a while to find the focus of my blog but I’m going to use this time to experiment with topics.

Please bear with me as I ramble on through a range of subjects and thoughts as I navigate my way around new topics. I’ll find a path… just not sure what or when!

Please Help Me Find My Mojo to Blog Again!

Looking at the facts it seems I was at my blogging best while living in Melbourne. The move to Melbourne drove me to keep my blog updated with news so my friends and family in Sydney could see what I’ve been up to. But since I have moved back to Sydney my drive to blog has waned somewhat.

Why is this? (I ask myself)

Well, there are a few reasons I can suggest. Firstly, as you know I write a lot about the restaurants and cafes I’ve been to, well, I don’t tend to get out and about to restaurants or cafes as much as I did in Melbourne. Being back in Sydney means that home cooked meals are a luxury that also mean I get to have dinner with loved ones. For me, this will always trump a meal out.

Secondly, travelling time needs to be factored in. And this is one thing I miss a lot lot lot about living in Melbourne – everything was so close and easy to get to. And I rarely had to drive anywhere. In Sydney, not so much. Travelling to and from work is under an hour of train and car so it is not as easy or enjoyable to flit around for a meal out.

So perhaps I need to look at other inspirations for my blog content. I’ve tended to not write about work related content in the past as the purpose for my blog had been to keep in touch with friends and family…and let’s face it, would you really want to hear about my work day?!

What do you want to read about on other people’s blogs?

Perhaps I need to get back into my ’21 days to a better habit’ mind frame again!


I am only now realising what this blog is about…

It may seem strange but in the course of the past months and in my attempt to blog every day it is finally becoming clear what my blog means for me. The Value-Add is a testament to the ‘other’ things I experience, my hobbies, interests and thoughts outside of work hours. A clear theme has not come through in my posts except they are all raw, honest insights and snapshots of my world.

I did start the blog with the intention of writing about PR, communications and social media but have found that, as it is what I spend the majority of my working days immersed in while awake, it is not what gets put into my posts. Obviously my profession influences the way I view things and my writing does perhaps reflect being in communications but it is not the main topic of my blogging.

Now, this doesn’t mean I love any of these things any less but it seems it is all the ‘other’ that is let loose onto the pages of the Value-Add.

And so the title of this blog has come to represent the experiences, thoughts and serendipitous ramblings that I feel add value to my world. This does seem somewhat narcissistic but I hope it also adds value to your experience and impression of me, dear reader and friend.

Has the theme of your blog changed over time too?

Breaking a habit

What is the opposite of going ‘cold turkey’? Because I think I was a little over ambitious in my quest to blog daily for 21 days in my ‘21 days to a better habit: blogging‘. Yes, I broke the 21 day cycle. I was a little unwell over the long weekend we just had here in Victoria and feeling rather uninspired to open the laptop and blog although I was thinking about it. Does that count?

So, as not to disappoint myself further about breaking the habit, I will now aim for three blogs per week instead. This is achievable and more realistic.

Fresh start in my question to become a better blogger. This is post number one for this week … two more to follow.

What do you like to read in blogs?

I feel I am cheating a little by using this question as a post but I really do feel it will be encouraging to know what you like to read about in blogs.

Is it true – are you drawn to lists e.g. five things, three ways, ten steps to X? Do you like ‘how to’ blogs?

Looking at my Google Reader, I subscribe to blogs about the PR comms industry, social media, marketing, architecture, cooking, health and design. The posts I enjoy the most tend to take no more than 2 minutes to read and I really like posts about concepts that haven’t come to fruition yet.

Do you want to know my personal feelings and thoughts about the industry I work in or would you rather random insights about all sorts of topics?

So tell me… I listening!