HOW TO: Undo “Send” in Gmail

For those ‘eep I did NOT mean to send that’ moments on Gmail – check out this step-by-step from the greats at Mashable.

HOW TO: Undo “Send” in Gmail.


Convenience of iPhone (I heart iPhone)

Operation Relocation: The settling in phase and iPhone as my own PA

The number of times I have used my iPhone for searching for addresses, researching suppliers, GPS, Twitter, Email, SMS, Calls and taking pics in the past week astounds me. I find myself saying countless times a day ‘I’ll just look it up on my iPhone’. The convenience of the device as a communication My iPhone has become my security blanket and, I can admit, that I am somewhat reliant on its capabilities. Even as I type I have the speakerphone on so I can work on MacDaddy whilst on hold. Seems I am a Mac convert now….