Back to it … Boxing at Fitness First

I feel as though I need to start this post with an introduction to myself it’s been that long between posts. So here’s an update on one of the things I love – getting the gloves on for a hard, sweat until you vomit MMA session. Well, since moving back from Sydney I have not been successful in finding a place that even comes remotely near Dominance MMA back in Melbourne. There are places I’ve heard of but they’re about 1.5 hours away from where I spend my days … I love it but not that much. So I’ve resigned myself to accept I will choose striking (boxing and muay thai) as there are places much closer to home.

But there is a but. I have an appointment with the specialist next month about the pins in my feet I obtained a while ago back around the start of this blog. A couple (one in each foot) are giving me a little trouble so I have put any kicking (via Muay Thai) on hold until after I’ve seen the doc.

So, I’m down to boxing. Which I still love. And the best thing is, I’ve found a great class at Fitness First (of all places some may say) at Spring St, Bondi Junction. The best thing is, they have a dedicated boxing ring and an area with a speedball and bags so it looks like some serious training goes on here. And it smells like sweaty fighters. Which I also love.

Had my first session last night and can’t wait to get back there… watch this space.


Muay Thai at Blackbelt Pro

Last week I trialled a session of Muay Thai at Blackbelt Pro in Randwick. It has a great reputation and has produced pro fighters… so I knew it wasn’t going to be a boxercise cop-out! It didn’t disappoint.

Had a great session of Kick/Thai. The instructor was firm but not aggressive and the class was only about 12 people, 4 of them being myself and three of the girls from Edelman. We had a great time and I had an awesome work-out with technique and cardio.

They offer a free trial session for your first one – if you’re interested to see what it’s like, this is a great place to start. The environment feels supportive and not intimidating … it’s more old school, raw, tough training (but still new equipment and clean!) rather than a shiny new hero gym.

So, I will be focusing on striking with boxing and muay thai. The grappling can wait. Who wants to come with me?

Finding a Personal Trainer

Keeping fit is something I’m passionate about. Getting active and hot and sweaty makes me feel sensational so it’s no small thing for me to decide to want t a personal trainer. I’ve had one before – twice a week to get me doing exercises I wouldn’t normally do, not an incredibly challenging brief for a PT. But now, I know what I want.

Have pushed myself physically and mentally for 9 months through five 1.5 hour sessions of muay thai, boxing and MMA (with the odd BJJ and judo lesson thrown in to round things out) my requirements for a PT are more specific. I want someone who has fought or is fighting professionally now, someone who won’t treat me like a girl and someone who will help me perfect my technique.

I’ve been referred to ‘PT L’ (let’s call him that in case it doesn’t work out) and he’s fought professionally and focuses on technique in the striking elements of MMA…all sounds good so far. He can only do mornings, not preferable for me but willing to work something out. Might be time to call on flexi time at work!

What I want is someone to get me back into the MMA frame of mind and body so I can get the most out of group classes where they don’t focus so much on technique. Depending on how much he costs will determine how often I see him…if he’s outstanding I’ll commit, if not I’ll keep shopping around…

I’m auditioning him with a free trial session he offers browsing clients next week. Will let you know how it goes.


Things I’ve Learned About PR from Mixed Martial Arts

This is the post I wrote for the Edelman Australia Blog (where I work!):


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is considered a complete system, combining the most effective elements of grappling and striking arts to create a seamless system that covers all bases. – Dominance MMA

There are many similarities between MMA and PR, aside from lending their names to acronyms. I’d like to start by looking at pitching for business, as an Edelman firm. With outstanding competencies in PR, communications, marketing, traditional media, social media and digital, our range of skills affords us the privilege of thinking and working broader than traditional PR.

And, as the global Edelman brand expands, we now find ourselves up against advertising, branding, digital and creative agencies. Having developed our mix of skills we are no longer restricted to a single discipline. It’s game on for competitive pitches and we’re surpassing the beginner stage … no headgear!

Check out the Edelman Australia Blog for the full post

Staying Healthy by Doing What You Love

PlanBig is a client of Edelman where I work. It’s a community formed around a website where people can post their plans – no matter how big or small – and it’s up to the community to chip in with their advice, knowledge and whatever else they can lend so the plans can come to fruition.

There is a wonderful mix of plans at the community level such as setting up local venues for homeless youth, to people looking for tips for planning overseas holidays, and people seeking help for their small businesses. There is even a planner who will be flying solo around the world!

Plans are categorised so you can check out the ideas that interest you or where you have expertise to lend. And many of the plans are part of a bigger picture idea such as raising awareness and funds for disadvantaged groups, charities and causes.

One of the categories I like to browse is health and a couple of weeks ago I contributed a blog post for this category. Many people have posted plans to get fit and healthy, asking for advice about training schedules, exercises, diets, anything to help them shed kilos and improve their fitness.

Below is a snapshot of my blog post. For the full post visit the PlanBig website here.

Caveat: it was my colleagues insistence that I be called an ‘MMA expert’ but that is far too complimentary I feel! But, PlanBig is her client so I let it roll.




PS: since I’m on a roll with this theme I’m thinking about writing my blog post for Edelman comparing PR to MMA!