What I’m Reading Now (parkyoung’s Bookmarks on Delicious)

Everyday there is more reading than I can ever get to but I do skim most of my subscriptions and RSS feeds at least every second day. At the moment I have about 110 sites listed in my Google Reader which include a mix of blogs about PR and communication , social media, marketing, architecture, design, innovation, food and my friends and family’s blogs too.

I’m also reading loads of industry stuff via my Reader and via links from Twitter. Articles I find particularly interesting and insightful can be found at parkyoung’s Bookmarks on Delicious which consists of articles that I’ve bookmarked for the parkyoung team, friends of parkyoung, industry peers, and anyone with interest in the new PR Communication space.

It’s a fantastic way to keep track of great articles and both are terrific sources of information. Content is king and being able to create a collaborative source of information is gold.


Collaborate (and listen)

Ok, so not really focusing on the ‘listen’ part but the song just flowed when I started thinking about the value in collaboration this morning. The thought popped into my mind this morning at 6.20 am as I was cycling on the exercise bike reading while reading a book at the same time. I love reading but usually by the time I get to my book at the end of the day I am just too sleepy to get past a few pages. Cycling has become a little boring of late but is best done in the morning before it gets to hot and I get too tired. So, being able to knock both activities off at the same time – in a collaboration of reading and exercising – I am able to get great value for time, focus and energy.

Of course this is just a trivial example of the value-add of collaboration. The main star in the collaborative show for me is the richness of content and information when bringing together the different elements of PR and Communications. When used appropriately, great results can happen with a strategic mix of online social media, traditional media relations and face-to-face communication. These can work well as separate entities but when brought together in the right amounts at the right times, magic can happen.

NB: there is a great role that ‘listening’ plays in the general theme of this post but that would best be thought through in a separate post…