Breaking a habit

What is the opposite of going ‘cold turkey’? Because I think I was a little over ambitious in my quest to blog daily for 21 days in my ‘21 days to a better habit: blogging‘. Yes, I broke the 21 day cycle. I was a little unwell over the long weekend we just had here in Victoria and feeling rather uninspired to open the laptop and blog although I was thinking about it. Does that count?

So, as not to disappoint myself further about breaking the habit, I will now aim for three blogs per week instead. This is achievable and more realistic.

Fresh start in my question to become a better blogger. This is post number one for this week … two more to follow.


Remembering your dreamings

I woke up this morning at around 6am as I normally do with a collection of the strangest but not absurd vivid dreams. I usually do remember some of my other world thinkings but today I have a sense of where they came from:

1) I was on the beach with family and friends. It was dark and all of a sudden a foghorn rang out in the hazy mist. “There they are, they’re huge!” exclaimed an unknown person but someone part of the group I was with. Suddenly the sun came out and two massive ships were very quickly approaching the shore, looking as though they would run aground. They ran into a group of swimmers and we were all screaming, pleading for them to get out of the way of the ships. All survived with no injury but one man. He emerged from the water carrying his leg and missing his hands. But he was casually strolling up to the First Aid room with no pain and no fuss.

— I think this dream is an extension of my viewing RPA on tv that night. It’s not a show I normally watch due to my dislike for surgery scenes! Serves me right for going against my normal reaction of switching it off.

2) Was walking through a shopping centre I may have been to once before in another dream. Only this was more like a building on Collins Street I went through last night after a meeting. Suddenly I was at a dentist where a friend I met recently was sitting in the chair having a check up. We embraced and left the building together.
— short and sweet but I’m pretty sure this is a collaboration of the building I was in yesterday + discussion of going to the dentist earlier that day + missing a call that I am yet to return to same person in my dream.

These are just two of the three I remember. Now that I am punching them out into this blog the third has become more hazy so I will not record it for fear that I am making it up rather than remembering it!

Do you remember your dreams? Are they extensions of something that happened earlier that day?

(thank you for the pic called ‘midnight dreams’)

Proud Mary, Artists Markets, Smith and Brunswick St

Had lunch with some lovely ladies today at Proud Mary cafe on Oxford St, Collingwood, at the Stanley St end of Oxford Street. Having seen some great write ups and having been in for coffee a few times I was excited to try the nosh. It did not disappoint.

The pumpkin and fetta tart with side rocket salad was delicious and just the right size, as agreed by the pretty Fran – we had the same dish. The menu details some yummy looks corn frittas which my lovely friend Joyce had and crushed avocado that Lisa chowed down on.

Proud Mary was bustling and very busy with a 15 minute wait for a table at noon but worth the wait.

After this I was lucky enough to be escorted on a tour around Smith St, to the Rose St Artists Markets, up Johnston St then to Brunswick St by the absolutely gorgeous Lisa – thank you lady, you have such a beautiful soul and kind heart.

Highly recommend exploring these parts of Melbourne because each street is a hidden gem of shops, cafes, markets, street art, shabby chic terrace houses, cobble stones and apartments begging to be renovated. This really is a special part of Melbourne which I am very fond of. Lisa’s passion for the area has certainly rubbed off on me!

Excited about yum cha and Sydney Road, Brunswick Music Festival tomorrow!

What do you like to read in blogs?

I feel I am cheating a little by using this question as a post but I really do feel it will be encouraging to know what you like to read about in blogs.

Is it true – are you drawn to lists e.g. five things, three ways, ten steps to X? Do you like ‘how to’ blogs?

Looking at my Google Reader, I subscribe to blogs about the PR comms industry, social media, marketing, architecture, cooking, health and design. The posts I enjoy the most tend to take no more than 2 minutes to read and I really like posts about concepts that haven’t come to fruition yet.

Do you want to know my personal feelings and thoughts about the industry I work in or would you rather random insights about all sorts of topics?

So tell me… I listening!

Queen Vic Markets

The many marvelous markets Melbourne offers have become a fond favourite of mine. Tonight the Suzuki night markets at Queen Victoria Markets came to an end for the season. I celebrated with some wonderful people whom I have also grown very fond of here in Melbourne.

For a few hours it seems the whole of Melbourne has come to grab some dinner, peruse the stalls and soak up the atmosphere that is busy but buzzing. Aromas from the different food stands swell around the queues that are plenty but well worth the wait in most cases.

To list a few food stalls there is Turkish, Indian, Spanish, Chinese, German, Greek, Vegetarian, Mauritian, Aussie and more.

Tonight I enjoyed a Greek lamb souvlaki followed by rum’n’raisin/honeycomb ice cream and a sample of puffertjes (the spelling of these mini pancakes escapes me!). The selection left me full and happy.

I love the night markets and it’s sad to see them go but many other wonders of Melbourne are getting ready to set upon this lively city, namely the Food and Wine Festival next month.

This is just one of many markets that delight the locals and I recommend anyone in Melbourne – local or visiting – explore as many as possible!