Please Help Me Find My Mojo to Blog Again!

Looking at the facts it seems I was at my blogging best while living in Melbourne. The move to Melbourne drove me to keep my blog updated with news so my friends and family in Sydney could see what I’ve been up to. But since I have moved back to Sydney my drive to blog has waned somewhat.

Why is this? (I ask myself)

Well, there are a few reasons I can suggest. Firstly, as you know I write a lot about the restaurants and cafes I’ve been to, well, I don’t tend to get out and about to restaurants or cafes as much as I did in Melbourne. Being back in Sydney means that home cooked meals are a luxury that also mean I get to have dinner with loved ones. For me, this will always trump a meal out.

Secondly, travelling time needs to be factored in. And this is one thing I miss a lot lot lot about living in Melbourne – everything was so close and easy to get to. And I rarely had to drive anywhere. In Sydney, not so much. Travelling to and from work is under an hour of train and car so it is not as easy or enjoyable to flit around for a meal out.

So perhaps I need to look at other inspirations for my blog content. I’ve tended to not write about work related content in the past as the purpose for my blog had been to keep in touch with friends and family…and let’s face it, would you really want to hear about my work day?!

What do you want to read about on other people’s blogs?

Perhaps I need to get back into my ’21 days to a better habit’ mind frame again!



Michael Anderson has inspired my imagination (The Hive, Melbourne)

Last night I ventured to another wonderful event from The Hive – a networking series with an entrepreneurial bent of short presentations from successful local talents with stories to tell, advice to impart and inspiration to give. Last night’s speaker was Michael Anderson from local drinking delight Madame Brussells, an elevated kitschy indoor/outdoor bar that is a must for anyone in Melbourne – visiting and local.

Michael is a designer who views the world based on his heightened self-confessed self-awareness of his emotion and instinct at the precise moment he decides to draw on his creative cerebral powers.

In his short half hour-ish presentation Michael pointed to past and present designers, architects (he is also a studied architect) and quoted poetry. I found him to have a fascinating mind with a dry sense of humour that thinly veils sassy fabulousness.

Sadly, this refreshing lateral thinker washed over the heads of much of the audience. And I feel sorry for the rude lady who spoke loudly on her phone throughout his speech for she missed out on sharing the brilliance of Michael Anderson.

I’d like to thank The Hive organisers for continuously putting on a great show! #hivemelb