You Can Take Your Reputation With You

I only rarely re-post from other blogs I write but wanted to share this one with you because, well, it’s a bit of a thought piece about online reputation that I’m a bit proud of. So yes, I’m using my blog as a scrapbook of stuff I like to keep but thought you might find it interesting.

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You Can Take Your Reputation With You (from The Social Marketplace blog)

Question: “If you have invested time building your reputation on eBay, why would you want to start from scratch on a new platform?” (Rachel Botsman, AFR BOSS)

Answer: “Because users deserve a higher level of trust and interaction in the community.” (Dave Kasriel, Shoplist)

This question is rhetorically posed at the end of an article in the November issue of BOSS magazine (Australian Financial Review publication) titled The Reputation Economy’ by Rachel Botsman (page 54-56).

It is about reputation and trust online and what this means for transactional activity where decisions are influenced by peer review, in this article the example is buying and selling on eBay.

I asked Dave to comment. He is building a new platform – Shoplist – from scratch. He says, “eBay is becoming less transparent, particularly with the feedback options. Ratings don’t mean the same as they used to. Sellers can’t even leave negative feedback anymore. They can choose between a rating of ‘Positive’ and ‘I’ll leave Feedback later’.”

Social networking is part of the Shoplist experience, opening up the channels of transparency where “users will be able to trust that there is someone at the other end” (Dave). Members will be encouraged to bring across their online reputations from eBay and other sites in their profiles.

Social activity will be as much a key component of Shoplist as the actual buying and selling. Community members can connect with one another. Some may like to find people and form groups based around similar interests, and others may like to keep in touch with those they sell to or buy from.


Discolure: Shoplist is a client.


World PR Day – 28 October

This is the date the very first press release was issued back in 1906 by one of the founders of PR – Ivy Ledbetter Lee. No, we are not related (that I know of) but he’s the founding reason for the profession I’ve chosen to be my career.

We at parkyoung have decided to celebrate 28 October as World PR Day. Find out more at our company blog here.

Would love to hear thoughts from industry colleagues about celebrating Public Relations on this day…

Cross-Blogination (I made that word up) for

I’ve been working with Shoplist as their online community manager, contributing content to their blog, Twitter and Facebook pages.  It’s a new online shopping site launching in October, kind of eBay meets Facebook for the Australian market. People will list items to be sold online – via auction or outright – and there will be a social networking element as well.

This is a bit of a blatant plug but I also wanted to share with you some of my other blog work. Hope you also enjoy The Social Marketplace!

What I’m Reading Now (parkyoung’s Bookmarks on Delicious)

Everyday there is more reading than I can ever get to but I do skim most of my subscriptions and RSS feeds at least every second day. At the moment I have about 110 sites listed in my Google Reader which include a mix of blogs about PR and communication , social media, marketing, architecture, design, innovation, food and my friends and family’s blogs too.

I’m also reading loads of industry stuff via my Reader and via links from Twitter. Articles I find particularly interesting and insightful can be found at parkyoung’s Bookmarks on Delicious which consists of articles that I’ve bookmarked for the parkyoung team, friends of parkyoung, industry peers, and anyone with interest in the new PR Communication space.

It’s a fantastic way to keep track of great articles and both are terrific sources of information. Content is king and being able to create a collaborative source of information is gold.

Working on “Stroke of Genius” for the National Stroke Foundation

This month has been a busy one so far with lots of activity for one of our clients, the National Stroke Foundation. We’ve been working on the social media communications for a campaign that is a bit left of field and on the flipside of stroke; Stroke of Genius celebrates the brain and its creative ability and potential for genius ideas.

There is a hive of activity on Twitter for #sogenius and we’ve also developed their blog and main website. Would love for you to check it out and vote for your favourite Stroke of Genius and celebrity Stroke of Genius (yes, even footballer Brendan Fevola has an idea!).

Better yet, get your idea in and get everyone you know (and then some) to vote – by voting you also donate to the National Stroke Foundation – so you can win a trip to Thailand, MacBook Pro or Nintendo DSi. One condition – if you win, can I come with you please?!

Here’s a link to the blog by my boss wrote which is aptly titled: Stroke of Genius: an unabashed plug for celebrating the brain.