Convenience of iPhone (I heart iPhone)

Operation Relocation: The settling in phase and iPhone as my own PA

The number of times I have used my iPhone for searching for addresses, researching suppliers, GPS, Twitter, Email, SMS, Calls and taking pics in the past week astounds me. I find myself saying countless times a day ‘I’ll just look it up on my iPhone’. The convenience of the device as a communication My iPhone has become my security blanket and, I can admit, that I am somewhat reliant on its capabilities. Even as I type I have the speakerphone on so I can work on MacDaddy whilst on hold. Seems I am a Mac convert now….


MacDaddy, Twitter, remote access and a feet realignment operation

I am writing from my new MacBook Pro which I have called MacDaddy (still haven’t confirmed this for the birth certificate…thoughts on this?) sitting at home in the front room which has been made into a lovely corner home office with bay windows overlooking Botany Bay. No, this is not the result of a promotion but a feet realignment operation which has put me in a wheelchair/crutches until next week and in bandages and ‘special shoes’ until 2 July.  It is this operation that has really brought to the forefront the value-add that social media and web 2.0 has brought to my everyday existence. 

Let’s start with Twitter. Those of you who know me/follow me (KimberleyL) already know of my fondness for the latest trend but in the last week it has also allowed me to stay connected to other people. Albeit by tweet, my Tweet friends have kept me company through what could have been a very isolated time. Yes, I have my devoted family and friends here at times but it is very strange going from office every day with great team of people to hospital with lots of strangers to alone in ‘home office’ (no offence MacDaddy). I have been able to keep up with the going on of others – friends, acquaintances, news and Nicole Ritchie – from the comfort of my daybed (aka couch with pillows and a sheet) and the privacy of my bandages. 

Not to dwell, moving on to the wonders of remote access. Yes, I will be able to remote into my work PC so I can be ‘back on board’ from next Monday when I have come off the opiate painkillers and on to the paracetamol. I know remotes has been around for yonks but I still think it’s incredible. I haven’t yet set the connection up but I am sure that by the time I come to do it (tomorrow perhaps), someone will have responded to my call out on Twitter as to how this can be achieved. Of course I’ll be doing the old Apple search and calling my Apple guy at the Apple shop in Surry Hills whom I bought MacDaddy from  (he’s a ‘Product Expert’). I think I’ll say Apple just one more time. Apple.

So, with MacDaddy by my side and iPhone in my palm I think I’m pretty much set up so that I’ll never feel isolated during the post-op period.

Hands up who loves Apple?

PS – doing spell check and you would have thought WordPress would have added MacBook and iPhone to the dictionary by now; no?