Cross-Blogination (I made that word up) for

I’ve been working with Shoplist as their online community manager, contributing content to their blog, Twitter and Facebook pages.  It’s a new online shopping site launching in October, kind of eBay meets Facebook for the Australian market. People will list items to be sold online – via auction or outright – and there will be a social networking element as well.

This is a bit of a blatant plug but I also wanted to share with you some of my other blog work. Hope you also enjoy The Social Marketplace!

What I’m Reading Now (parkyoung’s Bookmarks on Delicious)

Everyday there is more reading than I can ever get to but I do skim most of my subscriptions and RSS feeds at least every second day. At the moment I have about 110 sites listed in my Google Reader which include a mix of blogs about PR and communication , social media, marketing, architecture, design, innovation, food and my friends and family’s blogs too.

I’m also reading loads of industry stuff via my Reader and via links from Twitter. Articles I find particularly interesting and insightful can be found at parkyoung’s Bookmarks on Delicious which consists of articles that I’ve bookmarked for the parkyoung team, friends of parkyoung, industry peers, and anyone with interest in the new PR Communication space.

It’s a fantastic way to keep track of great articles and both are terrific sources of information. Content is king and being able to create a collaborative source of information is gold.