Muay Thai at Blackbelt Pro

Last week I trialled a session of Muay Thai at Blackbelt Pro in Randwick. It has a great reputation and has produced pro fighters… so I knew it wasn’t going to be a boxercise cop-out! It didn’t disappoint.

Had a great session of Kick/Thai. The instructor was firm but not aggressive and the class was only about 12 people, 4 of them being myself and three of the girls from Edelman. We had a great time and I had an awesome work-out with technique and cardio.

They offer a free trial session for your first one – if you’re interested to see what it’s like, this is a great place to start. The environment feels supportive and not intimidating … it’s more old school, raw, tough training (but still new equipment and clean!) rather than a shiny new hero gym.

So, I will be focusing on striking with boxing and muay thai. The grappling can wait. Who wants to come with me?


Learning to play golf

Looking at these last few posts you may notice I’ve been learning a few new things lately. And I have. But this is one of my favourites…surprisingly so. I never thought I’d be a golfer. Not that I’m a golfer yet but I will be.

I too was deceived by the ‘slowness’ of the sport. But I quickly realised after hitting 20 balls at Centennial Parklands Moore Park Driving Range that this is anything but slow. Rather, it is intensely focused. Every angled degree of the body and golf club matters.

The good news is, I have the next 60 years to get practice. Unlike MMA or spin it is not a sport where I benefit from my ‘young body’. Which is a good thing because you do need time to perfect this sport which is more like a technical art-form.

It is also an ideal sport to counter the high-intensity, high-bruising stuff… I am learning many elite sports men and women play golf in their ‘down time’ so I must be on to a good thing. If it’s good enough for them…

I’m still hitting away at the driving range to build up my consistency before hitting the golf course. Mr M has been taking me to St Michael’s at Little Bay – a stunning 18 hole course that overlooks the ocean. What could be better incentive than that?

Rocking Out At Big British Sound #bigbritish

Tonight I’m at the Gaelic Club in Surry Hills, Sydney. Not my usual haunt but tonight is the night of the Ben Sherman (yes, the clothes brand) Big British Sound gig. Featuring local unsigned bands this place is rocking with tight jeans and flannel shirts and a good vibe in the air: one of casual cool hipsters, rocking out on a Thursday night.

For the second year running I’m helping out my lovely friend Miss J with social media activation. Last year in Melbourne we did everything ourselves, the two of us. This year we have an awesome team capturing interviews with the bands, photos for Twitter and Facebook and filming footage of the gig.

It’s a passionate crowd… everyone who is here are here because they’re a fan.

Check out the videos on their YouTube channel, check out their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter @BenShermanAU so you can join in the #BigBritish fun next year!

Rock on.

Boy In A Box covers I Fought The Law

Balancing Online Activity with Offline Company

Although I am deeply in the  social media space in my day-to-day the vast majority of my friends and family who I spend time with offline are not. This was all too apparent when I was back home in Sydney for ten days over the Christmas and New Year break. But for me there is no contest in this situation.

My full attention will always be given to those with whom I am directly sharing communication with at that moment. This means if I am in the physical company of people then they will have my full attention. But if I choose to login to one of my many social networks then my attention will turn to those people.

Most of my friends and family are understanding of my Foursquare check-ins and occasional tweets when out and about with them – sometimes things are just too good not to share.

I am always interested to see how my time spent on social networks is influenced by those around me. On Wednesday night I was at the Suzuki Night Markets with people who met each other on Twitter. So, when we all had our heads down and thumbs tapping away on our smartphones no-one batted an eyelid or even really noticed. But if I were to do this when in the company of people not as active in the online space I would be howled down!

Does the company you keep influence your time spent on social networks?








This stunning remote beach on the NSW central coast, and the company I was in had my full attention!

Tetsuya’s – 529 Kent St, Sydney (And Why We Booked Last April!)

I’ve been waiting for last Saturday night to roll around since we made our booking back in April this year. Tetsuya’s did not disappoint.

C, D, L, K and myself checked into the Meriton on Pitt St – awesome location and comfy apartments – and prepared ourselves for the eleven course degustation we were about to savour.

It was sensational. Tucked away in what looks like a house, we were greeted by attentive, friendly staff who showed us to our table overlooking the Japanese-styled garden and water feature. The atmosphere is like being at someone’s grandma’s house – a subtle ambience brought to life by the energy of the diners.

We started with some cocktails (I had a vodka martini) and began the indulgence with gusto … and this way just the butter whipped with ricotta and truffle!

What followed was a dance of flavours, textures and an experience that I’ll cherish forever, if only for the joy of being with some of my dearest friends experiencing a culinary delight we’ve been anticipating for a long time.

The menu changes seasonally but his signature dishes are a constant. You can find out more about Tetsuya and his famed restaurant on their website:

I’ve included some pics so you can see what we ate: kingfish, scampi tail, mulloway, quail, perch, ox-tail, ravioli, beef rib-eye, and desserts aplenty.

We were also treated to a tour of the kitchen and venue – there are a number of rooms available for dining including a more private area for larger group bookings. It was a privilege to meet the chefs and check out their induction cooking technology and decked out kitchens. There is also a ‘chef’s table’ in the kitchen that will be available next year… so we’ve been told… so do enquire if this takes your fancy!

For a special occasion spread over a four-hour fare, I definitely recommend Tetsutya’s. Just make sure you book in advance!