Finding the value of Foursquare

I’ve been on Foursquare for a couple of weeks now and actively (read: remembering) to check in during the last two to three weeks. I am now finding the value in this app, a geo-tagger and my way of keeping track of the places I visit in Melbourne as well as seeing where other people go for recommendations. As a new(ish) kid in town with plenty to see, Foursquare is becoming a novel way to log the cafes and restaurants I visit.

At this stage I have only checked in to food places but I would like to start checking in to some other places as well, such as galleries, theatres and other places that aren’t based on feeding one’s face.

Now that I am finding the value-add in the sharing of community knowledge via Fourquare I am sure I will become a keener, more avid user. Although I am wary of the stalker potential this has so perhaps I’ll”check out” instead and log my presence as I’m leaving…

Find me on Foursquare: kimberleyl

PS: here is the pic I have added to my Foursquare profile just then but it looks kind of squashed on the profile …. this is the original!

Foursquare Photo


Melbourne is Ace

I’ve been back from Sydney for just one week now and already I have done so many great new things in my new-ish city of Melbourne (is four months still considered new?). Here is a brief list:

  • Went to a social media night Silicon Valley Drinks at Little Creatures (also a first at this fab venue)
  • Checked in to Foursquare at nearly all relevant places I’ve visited
  • Sat on a park bench in the city for a long chat with a new friend
  • Learned to play poker
  • Went and heard live music at a pub (this is my first time in Melbourne!)
  • Invited myself to a Facebook group (long story short, it was so I could “attend an event” a friend had already invited me to offline … although it wasn’t her group so there was a fair amount of randomness in my action!)
  • Made a hook turn
  • Cooked quinoa properly
  • Went to a cafe in Port Melbourne

Loves it.

Endnote: Apologies for the bad “ace” dad joke in the headline!