Problogger Event Round-Up #pbevent

Thanks Darren for the link and mention on your post about the day – very much appreciated!


Yesterday I was lucky enough to be at the Problogger Training Day in Melbourne run by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett. Tweets were pumped out and I was ferociously absorbing the brilliance of all the presenters while taking notes. I’ve posted the notes for each session* as the day went on and you can find them here:

*I didn’t take notes from the case study chat with Pip Lincolne of ‘Meet me at Mike’s‘ fame – needed a time out and Pip is just the lady to sit back and really listen to – she is a lovely lady to hear stories from (and I wanted to fend off any chance of getting typers cramp!)

Although I feel I must, at this late stage, offer some kind of explanation about my blogging – I am by no means a professional blogger or really looking to head in this direction. I do it for passion and pleasure, to keep track of what I’ve been up to and to keep in touch with friends and family since moving to Melbourne. And I must confess (Darren, do you get a lot of confessions given your history?!) that I don’t check my stats or have any of the bells and whistles I probably should have … which you already know by now if you’re reading this blog!

This is my written creative outlet and a journal of sorts. But the knowledge and value I gained from yesterday’s workshop is social proof that only the passionate blog and those who are really good at what they love can indeed make a great fortune.

Thank you to Darren, Chris and all the presenters for a wonderful day. Thank you to all those who have followed my tweets, tweeted me and who I was lucky enough to meet in person.

How wonderful is this connected world we live in?!


Notes from Problogger Event: PART 6: BLOGGER WORKSHOP – Chris Garrett

  • Good to personalise your blog with a photo of you/faces big enough to recognise – good for making a connection
  • Layout shouldn’t fight the content
  • Give people options to subscribe – RSS or email box to sign up immediately
  • All the important bits should be in the first screen you see – first impressions count
  • Chris’ priority is to get people on his email list
  • Plugins e.g. RSS footer with copyright message + ‘get free ebook’
  • To increase email signups put it right under your content before your comments, or occasionally in the content
  • Have a call to action for comments – tell people what you want them to do, e.g. if no comments say “add your comment now” or lots of comments “lots of comments, add yours now”
  • Use threaded comments e.g. Disqus – in some niches you can make them viral and send to FB and Twitter – comment area is threaded for better flow
  • Always respond to comments – never have a comment area where you haven’t commented at all
  • Never overestimate the intelligence of your audience

*there is a Blog Checklist from Chris Garrett I’ll scan and post tomorrow!

Notes from Problogger Event – PART 5: NICHE BLOGGING – COLLIS TA’EED, FreelanceSwitch

  • Run blogs in many different niches
  • Comparisons can be good: e.g. freelance vs work; mac/iphone vs web; Psd/net vs audio à some have/haven’t worked out very well
  • Not all opportunities are the same – some blogs start rush off the ground, others are hard slog even when it’s the same team, same resources à can get different result à things are harder for some niche. Need to pick the ‘right’ niches
    • Identify niche that is a good place to grow a blog in
      • Variations on things that are already working – but get in early, be good at what you do, have a sufficiently different angle
  • Use empirical results – search rankings, popularity of posts (not just on your own blog), Adsense testing, any method where you gauge the popularity of a niche in an analytical way
  • Solve problems and leverage passions – do what you love, or solve your own problem; assume there are others out there like you (and there probably are!)
  • Use trends: pick where the market is going and bet on it e.g. Twitip; great for technology but applicable in other areas as well
  • CAPITALIZING ON OPPORTUNITIES to create killer content and monetize
    • Move quickly – it takes time to get momentum so start sooner rather than later
    • Don’t be afraid to change – give something a good go and back yourself; but recognise when to pull the plug and concentrate on different opportunity
    • Opportunity is only the beginning: execute well, create great content, be consistent, be better than your competitors

Notes from Problogger Event – Panel discussion with presenters so far (see previous notes from #pbevent)

  • AWeber good for newsletter
  • Think about how you get contact details and what you will do with them – look at other places aside from blog for getting emails
  • Use something and then review it – begin with affiliations for products you use
  • Important to talk about the negatives about products as well as positives
  • Click Bank marketplace – information products for niches
  • Provide leads to affiliate companies/services – money for leads – tell people in the enquiry form you’re going to introduce them to someone who may be able to help
  • Tell people you’re getting $ for leads – e.g. “affiliate/I make money from this site info” – give people option to click and you get the $ or for the ‘clean link’
  • Finding affiliates – can build product based on building affiliate list
  • Best way to promote your product is to promote someone else’s.
  • Solve people’s problems and they’ll talk about it/recommend you
  • Give people proof – answer any objections before they’re raised

Split testing: test, measure, tweet – best business is when chris garrett has done tests à try something and test to sales/click-throughs … more people on list but less interaction à not always about initial metrics, see what customer service response is

Notes from Problogger Event – MONETISATION – Yaro Stanek

  • Find advertisers and sponsorship
  • Create ‘advertise’ or sponsorship page on your blog
  • ‘Advertising info’ one page explaining packages, paypal and email address to send content for the banners
  • Offsite marketing
  • Affiliate income – e.g. review products
  • Add an email newsletter to blog e.g. AWeber Communications ( – good for selling products or selling your blog
    • Post review on blog then send the link to email list
  • Create product e.g. ebook
  • Write reports – give away free report – people will share the report and you’ll get more subscribers
  • Set up blog build readership, affiliate marketing, banner ads, product à income streams
  • Income from many streams e.g. advertising, affiliate review, $ from products etc
    • Test and combine different methods for making money, find the best ones that work to get steady stream of income