PRIA Debate not to be missed – PR versus Journalists – what’s not to love?!

As part of the PRIA New Media Group we are faced with hosting networking events. Having been to a few mildly exciting and successful events myself, I came up with the idea of giving people something to talk about; thus, the first PRIA NMG Debate was born!

Make sure you don’t miss the debate ‘That PR and journalism are different sides of the same coin’ happening on Wed 6 May, 6.30pm at The Laugh Garage in Sydney. This networking event is the brainchild of the NMG and promises to be an entertaining, intriguing and no doubt fiery debate with noted speakers on board:

Affirmative = Brian Giesen (Ogilvy PR), Marie Najjar (Public City), Sophia Russell (B&T), Simon Sharwood (journalist, editor, podcaster, speaker)

Negative = Clint Drieberg (2UE), Lukas Picton(Text 100), Pru Quinlan (Einsteinz), Gerard Ryle (SMH News Editor)

Andrew Kirk (Hill & Knowlten) will be moderating the evening and Professor Jim Macnamara will precede the debate with an overview of his recent studies.

Book now so you don’t miss out as seats are limited, tickets include canapes and a drink on arrival. BOOK NOW!


My (mini) foray into the industry

It’s a big day for me as a PR practitioner. I’ve hosted a PRIA webinar with Mr Brian Solis and now I am about to speak at Notre Dame uni in Sydney to the PR class about my craft. Now, as someone who has been working in PR for just under 3 years I think this is a pretty good start to establishing myself in the industry. I have learned a helluva lot in that time and, with the emergence and growth of new media it’s obvious there is still a lot to learn. This revelation of ‘the more I learn, the less I seem to know’ at first seemed daunting but I now realise that if I am not learning I become frustrated and bored, two states of being which are never a good thing. Except when I can funnell the energy expelled in frustration (which can be a lot) into more learning.

But (ha, I love being able to start a sentence with ‘but’ and for it to be acceptable!), I have also learned that I need to keep seeking out and looking for new thngs to learn and ways of learning as this is the only way to discover.

Today I am practicing my public speaking skills. And I learned I am not as cool as I thought I was … was feeling quite star struck to be on the phone with Brian Solis!