Time for old habits to die: paper diary versus electronic

People are surprised when I pull out my Moleskin paper diary. “Don’t you use electronic diary?” they ask in wonderment. Yes, I do for calendar invites and meetings and reminders I need to pop up in front of me. But for organising my task list for the day, and jotting down thoughts, I like paper.

Call me old fashioned (!) but I just like it. And it’s what I am used to. I can allocate time for different pieces of work and map out my day. Although this is rarely stuck to…

However, having been hit with a cold and working from home so as not to infect the office, relying on an e-diary for everything would have come in handy.

I’ve observed others use of both mediums to work out what is best for me.

And I think I may have arrived at a new approach: use e-diary + notebook for jotting down reminders and tasks.

Time to try a new approach on for size and see how it fits.

How do you organise your day?



Goodbye to day per page and hello notebook

2010 – the diary

Every year I get excited at the prospect of buying my diary for the coming year. This year I have a black week per view Moleskin and a giant desk diary for work but next year I have decided to go for a red Moleskin – week per view with notes. I agonised for ages, flicking through the different sizes and layouts, trying them on for size the way Paris Hilton poses with her clutches. But one this is certain – you can’t go wrong with a Moleskin.

I put the below pic of my fire engine red diary on Twitter, a tweet responded to by those who share my stationary fetish. But it is not just any stationary that gets me trying on the same thing in more than one colour, in particular it is the diary, the symbolic status of organisation and planning. That, and you have to look at it every day for a whole year!