Looking for Tips for Training for Skiing!

In a couple of months I will be lucky enough to go to Vail for the American Ski Cup Classic and I’ll also get a chance to ski. I do ski and I love it. Last year I totalled about 4 days in Perisher but picked up my short turns down Olympic run fairly quickly. So you see, that is my challenge – I need to train for the 6 hours min potential skiing in Vail.

I have been fortunate enough to ski Hakuba in Japan a few years back, which I highly recommend if you have the fortune to visit. But there is something about the Vail ski trails and back bowls that will present a whole new level of skiing for me.

So, I have been back on the treadmill pushing inclines and moving   of fan belt in around 45 mins at my last run. And back to spin class. And weights sessions as well. It’s a good thing for me I actually enjoy training and pushing my body. I would like to get some more sessions in of MMA or Muay Thai, at the very least … yes I’m still looking for somewhere/someone although something tells me nothing will compare with DMMA in Melbourne. Bummer.

Would love some tips and advice for training for skiing please!

Thank you in advance… and my legs and skiing partner/guide/coach/former world cup skier/better half, Mr M, will also thank you!





Muay Thai at Blackbelt Pro

Last week I trialled a session of Muay Thai at Blackbelt Pro in Randwick. It has a great reputation and has produced pro fighters… so I knew it wasn’t going to be a boxercise cop-out! It didn’t disappoint.

Had a great session of Kick/Thai. The instructor was firm but not aggressive and the class was only about 12 people, 4 of them being myself and three of the girls from Edelman. We had a great time and I had an awesome work-out with technique and cardio.

They offer a free trial session for your first one – if you’re interested to see what it’s like, this is a great place to start. The environment feels supportive and not intimidating … it’s more old school, raw, tough training (but still new equipment and clean!) rather than a shiny new hero gym.

So, I will be focusing on striking with boxing and muay thai. The grappling can wait. Who wants to come with me?

Learning to play golf

Looking at these last few posts you may notice I’ve been learning a few new things lately. And I have. But this is one of my favourites…surprisingly so. I never thought I’d be a golfer. Not that I’m a golfer yet but I will be.

I too was deceived by the ‘slowness’ of the sport. But I quickly realised after hitting 20 balls at Centennial Parklands Moore Park Driving Range that this is anything but slow. Rather, it is intensely focused. Every angled degree of the body and golf club matters.

The good news is, I have the next 60 years to get practice. Unlike MMA or spin it is not a sport where I benefit from my ‘young body’. Which is a good thing because you do need time to perfect this sport which is more like a technical art-form.

It is also an ideal sport to counter the high-intensity, high-bruising stuff… I am learning many elite sports men and women play golf in their ‘down time’ so I must be on to a good thing. If it’s good enough for them…

I’m still hitting away at the driving range to build up my consistency before hitting the golf course. Mr M has been taking me to St Michael’s at Little Bay – a stunning 18 hole course that overlooks the ocean. What could be better incentive than that?

On yer bike! Learning to ride on the road…

I always seem to start learning something new just after the ideal situation to learn that particular thing has passed. I always welcome the extra challenge so I guess it kind of makes sense.

When I got back into swimming, it was the start of winter… in Melbourne! And now I’ve just started to cycle on the road after moving back to Sydney from Melbourne where it’s a cycling city!

I had my first taste of non-gym spin class cycling along the foreshore at Bondi Beach. It took a little while to feel comfortable and at one with my old Shimano racer Mr M had restored for me. And I had one crash into the railing going down the ramp from the upper foreshore to the lower level.

After this little test run I rode to Bondi Junction from North Bondi. I admit I was anxious most of the way and a little stressed being so close to cars while still being a little wobbly. I felt as though I should have had my L plates on.

Since then, I’ve had a ride up to the Velosophy bike shop at Fox Studios to get padded bike pants and new lights for night rides… yes, I thought this was getting a little ahead of myself but Mr M pushes me to challenge myself in all the best ways.

And so, we set off for Botany from North Bondi one late afternoon. This is the ride where I overcame my fear of riding on the road, started to make friends with the bike seat and felt my confidence begin to grow. 16 kilometres through Centennial Park and along Southern Cross Drive gives you plenty of time to adjust.

We’ve done that ride four times now. Each time gets easier and each time I notice different things around me along the trip. Like the quaint little house on a corner we pass. And new we know the corner store near our Botany destination closes at around 8pm.

It’s a wonderful feeling to cycle in the outdoors for such a distance. Although aware of the other cars, cyclists and people around me, it is also a great time to tune my thoughts into different channels.

I’m happy and proud of my achievement. I feel like I’ve just learned to ride my bike all over again!

PS: wanted to give a shout to my dear friend Joyce at CycleStyle – if you’re an urban rider, they have beautiful cycle accessories.

Learning to Surf

This summer I’m learning to surf. I have a brand spanking new Speedo wetsuit, a new product line for Speedo, neck to ankle to wrist to keep me warm. I have a suite of surfboards to learn with compliments of Mr M. And I have Bondi Beach at my doorstep.

And so, last Sunday (yes, I know it’s not summer yet) I sat on a surfboard for the first time in my life. If anyone is Sydney remembers last Sunday it was overcast, starting to rain, windy and the water was choppy. There were no other learners around… and for good reason no doubt!

But Mr M has faith in my ability and this day was just for me to get used to sitting on the board and to feel the ocean. Which is exactly what I did. I felt the ocean, sand and salt in my ears, my nose and somehow it managed to get between me and my wetsuit. I didn’t think anything could get in there. I don’t think I’ve felt so naked and exposed in public for a long time!

Sitting on the board trying to figure out where to put my limbs meant I did not even feel the cold. Or think about sharks. I have an irrational fear of sharks but I’ve since learned this can be rationed away by the power of the ocean and the elements and learning a new skill.

We floundered for a while and I did managed to catch a wave in, lying down of course. But by the time I realised I was on the wave an on my way to shore I noticed I was heading towards the wall of the North Bondi sea pool. I dawned on me I had no idea how to steer (a very easy lean to the left would have done the trick!) so I bailed and was swept up with the dumping wave.

After I washed ashore and regained my balance and sense of direction I felt proud to know I’d taken my first step to being someone who ‘surfs a bit’.

Excited for the next time I hit the waves… it can only get better!