My (mini) foray into the industry

It’s a big day for me as a PR practitioner. I’ve hosted a PRIA webinar with Mr Brian Solis and now I am about to speak at Notre Dame uni in Sydney to the PR class about my craft. Now, as someone who has been working in PR for just under 3 years I think this is a pretty good start to establishing myself in the industry. I have learned a helluva lot in that time and, with the emergence and growth of new media it’s obvious there is still a lot to learn. This revelation of ‘the more I learn, the less I seem to know’ at first seemed daunting but I now realise that if I am not learning I become frustrated and bored, two states of being which are never a good thing. Except when I can funnell the energy expelled in frustration (which can be a lot) into more learning.

But (ha, I love being able to start a sentence with ‘but’ and for it to be acceptable!), I have also learned that I need to keep seeking out and looking for new thngs to learn and ways of learning as this is the only way to discover.

Today I am practicing my public speaking skills. And I learned I am not as cool as I thought I was … was feeling quite star struck to be on the phone with Brian Solis!




  1. I say well done to you. It’s a big step and I admire how much you’ve done in order to get to know this space. Very exciting that you held your own webinar. geek. hehe. No…it’s really cool.


    • Thanks La, you’re too kind. It’s not often I get all geeky and excited so I figured it must really mean something to me! Blog on. (argh, that was INCREDIBLY geeky!)

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