A Wayward Pin in Foot

Having my feet reconstruction/realignment is no doubt one of the best things I’ve done. It was about 3 years ago. Recovery was long and painful but not without the joy of hope that they would be better than pre-op. And they’ve been amazing. But one pin is starting to cause me some discomfort… I think it needs to come out.

Having consulted my doctor father, he assures me it is a fairly easy op because the bone doesn’t graft onto the smooth pins. Ew. I’ve put off seeing my wonderful specialist until after I’ve been away skiing in March… just in case he says I can’t ski. Isn’t it funny how we put off things even though we know it could be ‘bad’ for us? Of course if it was really bad I’d address is early but for now I need to stay away from the MMA and back on the bike at spin.

When I have had it removed and I’ve healed again my goal is to get back into my MMA, or at least Muay Thai. Thinking of training to fight again, just one amateur one so I have something to aim for, like I was in Melbourne. And I’ll document the training with a video blog perhaps. That could be fun!


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