What I’ve learned as a full-time Community Manager #1

Since starting my role in November last year as a full-time community manager at a company where this is the first time they’ve employed a dedicated social media role my approach to community management has changed. At this stage of the game it’s not primarily about the big picture strategy or what cool stuff we can do with and for the community. That will come.

Right now, it’s all about delivering customer service that surprises the community, in a good way, for all the things customer service should be about: the practice of being helpful.

People use our Facebook page as an additional customer service channel and, while this is not what I would like the primary function of the page in the overall strategy to be, it is how our customers want to use the page. And no matter how hard we try to keep the conversation fun and about our industry and general topics, there will also be questions, comments and complaints.

And so we shall give the community what they want – customer service with an emphasis on the service part. We will answer their questions and respond to complaints as best we can in a timely, useful manner before herding the conversation ‘offline’ to email for our actual customer service team to manage.

Community Managers can not be too proud to serve people … if we were, there would be significantly fewer people ‘talking about this’ methinks…


*This post does not reflect the views of my employer and, if you’re at all social savvy, you could easily find out who it is! All words and thoughts are my own.


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