The Challenges of Being Active in Social Media While Being a Private Person

Balance is something I strive for … although sometimes it seems more a contradictory. This is particularly prevalent when you’re a private person by nature but an active social media/social network by profession and passion.

Connecting, sharing, adding value and community are things I greatly value and love about social media. However I rarely share much of my personal and private life. This isn’t to say I spit out links to articles and RTs. I have many conversations and keep connections and friendships alive with real feelings and personal interest using social media. However I’m only inclined to share my personal life face-to-face or over the phone.

This blog is the most I share about my personal life but it is all about thiings I would talk about to most people anyway.

Many of my friends can’t understand how I use and value social media so much and yet still remain such a private person. I like to think I’ve found the right mix for me between being social and open and transparent and keeping my private life private.

How personal are you in your social networks?


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