Muay Thai at Blackbelt Pro

Last week I trialled a session of Muay Thai at Blackbelt Pro in Randwick. It has a great reputation and has produced pro fighters… so I knew it wasn’t going to be a boxercise cop-out! It didn’t disappoint.

Had a great session of Kick/Thai. The instructor was firm but not aggressive and the class was only about 12 people, 4 of them being myself and three of the girls from Edelman. We had a great time and I had an awesome work-out with technique and cardio.

They offer a free trial session for your first one – if you’re interested to see what it’s like, this is a great place to start. The environment feels supportive and not intimidating … it’s more old school, raw, tough training (but still new equipment and clean!) rather than a shiny new hero gym.

So, I will be focusing on striking with boxing and muay thai. The grappling can wait. Who wants to come with me?



  1. Thanks for perspective on BlackBelt pro Kimberley, sounds pretty good. Going to check it out one of the classes next week. Might see you there!

    • Cool – let me know if you get in there! I’m going to start up next year. I work in the film industry so xmas holidays are our busiest which makes it a challenge to commit to the timetable at the moment. Excited to get back into it in Jan. Have fun!

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