Learning to play golf

Looking at these last few posts you may notice I’ve been learning a few new things lately. And I have. But this is one of my favourites…surprisingly so. I never thought I’d be a golfer. Not that I’m a golfer yet but I will be.

I too was deceived by the ‘slowness’ of the sport. But I quickly realised after hitting 20 balls at Centennial Parklands Moore Park Driving Range that this is anything but slow. Rather, it is intensely focused. Every angled degree of the body and golf club matters.

The good news is, I have the next 60 years to get practice. Unlike MMA or spin it is not a sport where I benefit from my ‘young body’. Which is a good thing because you do need time to perfect this sport which is more like a technical art-form.

It is also an ideal sport to counter the high-intensity, high-bruising stuff… I am learning many elite sports men and women play golf in their ‘down time’ so I must be on to a good thing. If it’s good enough for them…

I’m still hitting away at the driving range to build up my consistency before hitting the golf course. Mr M has been taking me to St Michael’s at Little Bay – a stunning 18 hole course that overlooks the ocean. What could be better incentive than that?


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