Re-discovering podcasts

While I was living in Melbourne I listened to podcasts a lot. Living on my own meant there were a lot of opportunities to tune in. You learn a lot by just listening.

Well, today I caught the bus from North Bondi to the city, my first time on this route. It took over an hour door to door which, at first thought, is too long when it takes 45 minutes with car and train, my normal commute. But I will take the bus again tomorrow.

During the hour I got re-acquainted with my old friends – podcasts Six Pixels of Separation and The Engaging Brand. Both insightful, interesting and lots of food for thought.

And they may just give me some inspiration for this blog that is slowly but surely being revived…



  1. I love listening to podcasts too. And I find them more inspiring for the morning commute than the contrived enthiasm of FM radio or the bleakness of AM morning news.

    I like the ones you mentioned. Some others in the PR/marketing/entrepreneur category that I enjoy:

    Duct Tape Marketing, Copyblogger and The Hive.

    • Thanks Ryan! I get the Copyblogger RSS feeds which I also read on my commute. I find this is the best (or only!) time I have an hour to myself to consume content with virtually no interruptions. For something a little different try WNYC’s Radio Lab – interesting stories told in a very entertaining, aural book style. I love them!

    • Thanks Tim and thank for your support for my slowly reviving blog. I will definitely give This American Life a go… thank you for your suggestion. Hope all is well at Focal Attractions.

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