Please Help Me Find My Mojo to Blog Again!

Looking at the facts it seems I was at my blogging best while living in Melbourne. The move to Melbourne drove me to keep my blog updated with news so my friends and family in Sydney could see what I’ve been up to. But since I have moved back to Sydney my drive to blog has waned somewhat.

Why is this? (I ask myself)

Well, there are a few reasons I can suggest. Firstly, as you know I write a lot about the restaurants and cafes I’ve been to, well, I don’t tend to get out and about to restaurants or cafes as much as I did in Melbourne. Being back in Sydney means that home cooked meals are a luxury that also mean I get to have dinner with loved ones. For me, this will always trump a meal out.

Secondly, travelling time needs to be factored in. And this is one thing I miss a lot lot lot about living in Melbourne – everything was so close and easy to get to. And I rarely had to drive anywhere. In Sydney, not so much. Travelling to and from work is under an hour of train and car so it is not as easy or enjoyable to flit around for a meal out.

So perhaps I need to look at other inspirations for my blog content. I’ve tended to not write about work related content in the past as the purpose for my blog had been to keep in touch with friends and family…and let’s face it, would you really want to hear about my work day?!

What do you want to read about on other people’s blogs?

Perhaps I need to get back into my ’21 days to a better habit’ mind frame again!




  1. Kimberley, I found your post really interesting, as I too have had recent lull in blogging. It’s funny, but I thought it was as a result of too little travelling time! I guess the real reason is just getting out of routine. I have promised myself that I will start again too. Good luck with your resolve!

  2. Hi Kimberly

    It would appear that you have nailed this one. I too have reached a creative lull. Perhaps together we can drag our respective selves out of the blogging doldrums?

    Keep plugging away at that keyboard. I’m sure more magic will appear.


    • There are a number of factors I could justify not blogging of late but yes, a creative lull is perhaps a good way to look at it! I’m aiming for one post per week for the next month and will build up again that way. I have to set an achievable goal and one per week it is … starting on Monday! Wishing you the best of luck.

  3. I know how you feel!!…. i was like :O i havent wrote for over a week etc… I The found out that… to be honest I had nothing to write about… i slapped myself hard in the face and decided to start enjoying life again… I did so I wrote!!! and it worked 🙂 check my work out see what you think 🙂 xoxo

  4. I fear I spot the beginning of a pattern I’ve seen on other blogs (including some I’ve done in the past.)

    First the gap, then the apology and promise to do better, then another push, then blogging about not blogging, then… a few days’ silence that stretch into weeks…

    You write too well to deny your public…

    • TIm, thank you for your words… they are more encouraging than you know. I’ve put the blog through resusc. and now slowly bringing it back to life. Watch this space…

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