Rocking Out At Big British Sound #bigbritish

Tonight I’m at the Gaelic Club in Surry Hills, Sydney. Not my usual haunt but tonight is the night of the Ben Sherman (yes, the clothes brand) Big British Sound gig. Featuring local unsigned bands this place is rocking with tight jeans and flannel shirts and a good vibe in the air: one of casual cool hipsters, rocking out on a Thursday night.

For the second year running I’m helping out my lovely friend Miss J with social media activation. Last year in Melbourne we did everything ourselves, the two of us. This year we have an awesome team capturing interviews with the bands, photos for Twitter and Facebook and filming footage of the gig.

It’s a passionate crowd… everyone who is here are here because they’re a fan.

Check out the videos on their YouTube channel, check out their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter @BenShermanAU so you can join in the #BigBritish fun next year!

Rock on.

Boy In A Box covers I Fought The Law


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