It’s About What You Don’t Know

This is the question I’ve been asking myself lately. A recent discussion with a loved one revealed this is the question that provokes me to push my boundaries into the unknown where my mind is opened and my thoughts enriched.

And it makes sense. It sounds obvious and is something I’ve inadvertently thought about before but for some reason this question is my inspiration.

We already know what we do know – what out limits are, what we’re good at, what needs to happen. But when I think about what I don’t know my mind floods with ideas and possibilities beyond the structures, processes and boundaries my thoughts would normally lie within.

Of late, having time to devote to nothing but thinking and taking my mind on a journey is a luxury when it should really be a priority. Because this is the time when you hit those ‘big ideas’ or you stumble upon something genius.

And so, I am going to work harder at making sure I give myself time to simply think and find out what I don’t know. And when I find that out I’ll continue to search for the unknown. And that way, I will never stop taking my mind beyond what I already know.



  1. Hey Rockstar!

    Been awhile since I last visited your blog but as always you give me something really interesting to think about.

    I read the most interesting thing the other day. It was some blah blah internet marketing tactic that said to mix up your email style to your list. So if you’re style is to write longer emails, throw in a few short ones every now and then to break up the monotomy. It keeps the audience fresh and sticks out in the audiences mind because you’ve broken the normal pattern.

    If you think about it, all of us strive for some sort of normality in our lives through routine. We need it. But we also value something different every now and then to keep things exciting. From what you say your norm is thinking about things that you know and you’re starting to gain excitement from the things that you don’t know. Love it!

    It’s hard to break the norm when you do a job that you love because you get so focused on everything “important” and those little things, the logs that fuel our creative fire, often get missed because they’re not urgent. But if we don’t pay attention to those little things then our fire fizzles out and that causes a whole bunch of other problems.

    Sounds like you’ve found your balance again and I can’t wait to see what cool fires you start burning!

    Dream, Build, Inspire, Lead!


    • AJ! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to respond. Anything that breaks the pattern of the daily grind is positive, I feel, as it opens you up to discovering new things and refreshes the brain. Hope to see you tomorrow at socialmelb. k

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