Staying Healthy by Doing What You Love

PlanBig is a client of Edelman where I work. It’s a community formed around a website where people can post their plans – no matter how big or small – and it’s up to the community to chip in with their advice, knowledge and whatever else they can lend so the plans can come to fruition.

There is a wonderful mix of plans at the community level such as setting up local venues for homeless youth, to people looking for tips for planning overseas holidays, and people seeking help for their small businesses. There is even a planner who will be flying solo around the world!

Plans are categorised so you can check out the ideas that interest you or where you have expertise to lend. And many of the plans are part of a bigger picture idea such as raising awareness and funds for disadvantaged groups, charities and causes.

One of the categories I like to browse is health and a couple of weeks ago I contributed a blog post for this category. Many people have posted plans to get fit and healthy, asking for advice about training schedules, exercises, diets, anything to help them shed kilos and improve their fitness.

Below is a snapshot of my blog post. For the full post visit the PlanBig website here.

Caveat: it was my colleagues insistence that I be called an ‘MMA expert’ but that is far too complimentary I feel! But, PlanBig is her client so I let it roll.




PS: since I’m on a roll with this theme I’m thinking about writing my blog post for Edelman comparing PR to MMA!


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