The Fighter + The Blind Side = Movies Worth Sitting Still For

In the past two weeks I watched two movies which I loved and managed to sit still for the entire way through. I enjoy movies but I don’t watch a heap at the actual cinema as I tend to get distracted by my will to be active and move around or by thoughts of the week ahead. So it’s always a joy when I watch a movie that captures my full attention from start to credits.

The Blind Side features one of my all time favourite actors, Sandra Bullock, who plays an extraordinary woman in this true story of selflessness, love, dreams and family. Michael Oher is a homeless boy affected by life; his drug addicted mother, absent father and a childhood you wouldn’t wish for anyone. When he is adopted into a wealthy all American family his life is changed forever not only in his journey to becoming a celebrated football player but in becoming part of a family who love and care for him as their own. The strength of the characters in this film had me close to tears (note: those of you who know me know that I never cry in films!).

The Fighter is showing now so it’s not too late to get out there to watch the true story (hmm… I see a pattern forming) of boxing brothers Dicky Ecklund and Micky Ward, the latter played by Mark Whalberg (LOVE him). The title refers to the career of pro boxer Micky and his fight (literally) to get to the top overcoming the smothering love and emotional abuse of his family, and his brother’s descent as a crack addict. But I feel it some may see the film as belonging to Dicky.

Christian Bale is brilliant as Dicky who is as loveable as he his is frustrating. I feel there is a deliberate overshadowing by Dicky of Micky. Micky drives the story and brings all the characters together but with an underlying pull that is perhaps best portrayed in the last screen where he is sitting along on the couch, shoulders slumped … even though it is all about him.

I recommend seeing both films if you haven’t already. I was also lucky enough to see The Fighter in Gold Class cinemas at the Jam Factory (Prahran, Melbourne), my first Gold Class experience – love being able to get lost in the giant recliners!




  1. Sweet reviews! I’ve heard mixed things about the blind side but I haven’t seen it yet. I did however see the film that had an actress who Bullock beat for the best actress Oscar – Precious. It hits like a punch in the face. Not necessarily an enjoyable movie but certainly moving and Monique plays the scariest mother in the world.

    Love the blog!

    • Thanks for your comment Justin, very much appreciate you taking the time to respond. I saw Precious – such a raw, undeniable insight into a space I’ve never been…what a film! Hope you see The Blind Side … let me know what you think of it when you do see it. I’d be interested to know your thoughts. Had a weekend of mindless viewing last weekend – The Ugly Truth (not such a good film) and The Hangover (amusing in a ‘I could drink and still get it’ kind of way). Both ideal in 40 degree heat but looking forward to something a little deeper and more moving next time. Happy viewing.

      • I saw The Hangover the other day on a mates recommendation (he’d watched it 5 times) but I wasn’t sold on it. You are right, it was good for a laugh, and that bearded character was pretty original but it was certainly no Zoolander – undisputed king of newish American comedies!

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