Experiencing the MCG and Twenty20 Cricket

Last Friday night I had my first MCG (the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground) experience and my first live cricket attendance; and what a great way to do it – at the Twenty20 International with Australia defeating England in a close game.

Living within walking distance to the MCG is a blessing when living in Melbourne …well, so I am told by those who actually go to sporting games and events at the stadium which is pretty much everyone as this is where the AFL is played. I’ve avoided going, not because I haven’t wanted to but because there hasn’t been anything I felt passionate enough to go for.

Friday’s adventure was with work (thank you Edelman!) and my client Dave from Shoplist came along too. Dave’s well versed in the art of attending the MCG and good company at the company event. We sat third row from the front eagerly awaiting the pyrotechnic feature flames that blazed for sixes and when people got out.

About a third of the group had not been to such an event before and we had a great time dodging inflatable balls, swooning over old-timer Brett Lee, eating stadium food, drinking out of plastic cups and cringing at the random dancers in white.

And the cricket was exciting too, as cricket goes, when the last few balls decided who won. I’ve watched plenty on TV before but the atmosphere of being there live was enough for me to agree to get down there next AFL season.


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