Quiet Online = Busy Offline

I’ve been a bit quiet online of late with fewer blog posts than I aim for and less tweets from my personal account than I would normally. This is not for lack of passion or love for either but because I’ve been very busy at work and then any energy I have left is spent at MMA training.

And Christmas is three sleeps away! And then my birthday is four sleeps away.

What have you got planned for the Christmas break? Do you celebrate Christmas or something else? I’ve been working with global clients and offices of late – it’s a great reminder to think about what’s happening around the globe at this time of year.

And keeping in touch with friends in other countries is a good reminder about perspective … although this is a busy time of year for most and it can be stressful I try to focus on all the good that’s happening: family, friends, happiness, sharing, giving and love.

This time of year also reminds me about how lucky I am to have all of the above.

I’ll be in Sydney soon to spend time with family and loved ones. Can’t wait to see them.

If I don’t get online before then I hope you also have a wonderful holiday celebration with people you love. Share in the joy, celebrate the good things in life and don’t forget that the simple, free things in life are often the best.



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