Facing Fears

Last week I was lucky enough to have my sister visit. She had been indoor rock climbing with some friends in Sydney recently and thought it would be a fun activity for us to do here. There is a place in the city called The Hardrock Climbing Company I’ve seen many times and thought ‘I’d really like to go there’ but alas I’ve not yet found the right person to go with here in Melbourne. I also have a fear of heights.

When my fear sets in I freeze and can’t move my arms or legs. It happened at the Women’s Health Expo earlier in the year on a meager 3 metre wall… I saw something on the Hardrock website about a 17 metre wall…

And so we decided to meet after work one evening. It was pouring rain and we arrived looking like drowned rats but very excited. I was more nervous than excited but tried to channel all of that energy into excitement. And knowing she had climbed recently was a huge comfort – at least one of us had recent experience!

We harnessed up and had our training session with a guy who was exactly like your would imagine a rock climbing dude to be like. And then we were left to our own devices.

There are hand/foot holds up the wall with different colours marking out the different skill levels. We hung around the 13 level which was challenging. I cheated and used whatever holds I could reach but my sister was focused and disciplined and practiced enough to stick to the one route.

We conquered the walls making it all the way to the top – my sister on all her climbs and mine about 80 per cent. We even championed a small overhang. Our arms were aching and so were our faces and stomachs from laughing so much. I had such a great time and was so proud of her climbing ability and fearlessness.

This is one of the best times I’ve had in Melbourne so far. Thank you my beautiful sister. x

P.S. would recommend this as a fun activity and something different, especially if it’s raining! We spent about two hours there – lots of fun!







Picture: Hardrock Climbing

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