Christmas Shopping = Kimberley Fail

Last weekend I tried to do some Christmas shopping but ended up buying myself a pair of jeans and shirt plus the things I actually needed (2011 Moleskin diary and random bits and pieces).

But I did predict this fail. I usually create a list of gifts and then go about getting them either online (preferable) or doing the research and finding out where I can get it. Sometimes I will even phone ahead and ask them to put the item aside for me to pick up.

Instead I thought I would approach it from an angle many people I know use and succeed at: set out and browse according to a broad idea of the interests people have. But this just does not work for me.

I felt flustered and kept walking back and forth up and down Bourke Street and then to Melbourne Central … where I did not even enter for feelings of overwhelmingness (so much so that I made the word up). And so I headed home with new clothes for me and nothing for everyone else.

My mission this week is to decide what to get, devise my approach and carry out my mission in the week leading up to Christmas. My saving grace is taking leave on 23 and 24 of this month for last minute purchases although this is something I hope to avoid as I know everyone else will be using this time for the same purpose!


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