Changes In My Life

There have been some exciting changes in my life lately: friends, workplace, routine generally. My former workplace has merged with a global PR firm so in the last week we’ve been integrating into the new office with an awesome team and new office location in South Melbourne. This has changed my weekly routine so I now take public transport more often than not to and from work and my gym routine has also changed.

Taking public transport almost daily is a big change and yes, I really have overcome fear of tram now. My shoulder has healed from the jarring from MMA so I’m back to training after work but no longer to hit the 3 hour sessions. So spinning in the city some mornings and some weekends. Still love them both!

Heading to Sydney for four days this weekend and catching up with family and old friends which is very exciting – looking forward to sharing new stories with them.

I’m a very routine driven person but adaptable as I’ve found out … adaptable in a way where I set a new routine. Reflecting on the past two years as one tends to do around this time of year there have been many changes. I have come to be quite fond of change … something else that has changed…



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