Underground Cinema Melbourne

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be a ‘plus one’ date for my friend Joyce (you may know her as @jetsettingjoyce from Mel:Hot or Not, CycleStyle or Tot: Hot or Not), to accompany her to an Underground Cinema event. This was my first such experience and I wasn’t sure what it was exactly.

But it was all revealed when we arrived at a stage show/theatre function place called Red Bennies in Prahran and people were lining up in 1930s gangster garb for a viewing of the film Little Caesar.

The Underground Cinema concept is they run screenings of movies in undisclosed locations that become disclosed closer to the time. Each event is set to a theme and people dress up with enthusiasm.

At this event there was a brass band and swing dancers setting the scene and the boys presenting donned their best gangster accents and outfits. We watched the movie although many people were distracted by the setting, their friends and the bar but the vibe was committed to the theme and it seemed to run well, if a little cramped.

I had a great time and thankful for the invite. Joyce was asked to go as a blogger and, well, I thought I’d give them two for one and blog about it too.

You can sign up to become part of the Underground Cinema ‘in-crowd’ … and it’s a charmingly diverse crowd to be a part of. Check it out.


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