Easy Tiger – 96 Smith St, Collingwood (@easytigersmith)

On Friday night I finally got to the new kid on the Smith Street block, Easy Tiger, for modern Thai fare. The setting is cool, a kind of ‘sustainable-retro’ feel with casual dining in the front window, a communal table running down the left side, and a few round tables of four on the right.

This is local dining for me. I’ve walked past it a few times and have been tantalized by Joyce’s review on Mel: Hot or Not. So, one re-scheduled booking on and we (my fellow diner L and I) were nothing short of delighted by the full flavours and fresh dishes. Also ran into a friend there too who saw my pre-dinner tweet and said she too would be there! (got to love Twitter)

We snacked on spicy Taro Chips – yes, you can think slice and deep-fry anything to make it a ‘ship’! – and I ordered a vodka, soda, fresh lime while L had a beer, just as the rain poured down.

Then we made ‘the food is incredible’ noises as we were blown away by the food. We ate this (*taken from menu):

  • betel leaves with prawn and fresh coconut 5 ea.
  • hot and sour thai beef salad, cherry tomatoes, coriander and fresh lime 24
  • coconut braised beef brisket with pickled cucumber 28
  • chocolate (monsieur truffe) and pandanus leaf dumplings with melon 14
  • sago pudding, coconut jelly and fresh finger banana 14

L and I agreed we would be back to try the rest of the menu but if you only go once we highly recommend these options – all delicious, fresh and packed with flavour but not in a ‘it stays with you all night’ kind of way.

Would recommend some Easy Tiger action but make sure you book if you’re there on the weekend.

Note: I would have taken more photos but, as I’ve said before, I’m a terrible ‘food blogger’ … I get so excited by the food and am so caught up in the culinary experience that it’s usually eaten before I remember to take pics.

Easy Tiger, 96 Smith St, Collingwood +61 3 9417 2373


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