Sydney Sojourn: family, friends, love, joy

Last weekend I went back up to Sydney to visit family and friends and had a fun-filled two days. I arrived Friday night and went to meet by bestie at Quay Grand in circular quay – stunning location – to catch up on the last few months since I saw her last. A couple of friends dropped by and we never actually made it out … must be getting old but the thought of hitting the Cross in the rain after midnight not so appealing anymore!

On Saturday I met my sister to take her shopping for a birthday present at the newly opened Westfield Sydney. It was busy, shiny and new and we were not in the mood to shop so headed to Sky Phoenix for yum cha nearby. It was ok but would not recommend it – food was average, prawns tasted slightly too prawny and not a massive range of items trolleyed past.

Then we hunted down a shirt, the winning garment found at Country Road, for our younger brother who is going to a school formal soon. We met up with one of my sister’s friends for a Devonshire tea followed by hot chocolate made with peppermint tea (sounds strange, but it works!) at a charming place in the city called The Tea Centre. It’s adorable and has all things tea – a must visit and the scones were perfect.

I headed home and was picked up from by my brother on his L plates and our mum who was caught between joy to see me and nerves from my brother’s Learner driving. Settled in for a lamb roast with the whole family; such a treasured rarity these days to have everyone together.

Sunday morning I took another bestie C and my god-daughter to Bondi Junction Westfield to shop for my god-daughter’s birthday present. I’m the kind of fairy god-mother who like to encourage ‘educational’ gifts over useless plastic toys… yes, I am THAT person! We headed to Borders and in the kids section Miss C found a kit to make giant bubbles. God-mother approved… I wish I had more time to stay and make them with her!

Headed home to pick up siblings for attempt at yum cha number two for the weekend. We went to a tried, tested and loved place in Kogarah where we indulged like only my family can! Sister went to work and brother went home to study for uni exams so I headed out for a pedicure.

Arrived home and packed up to head back to Melbourne but not before heading out with a friend for an early dinner. Friend picked me up then we swapped car for motorbike and whisked away to Doyles for a lobster mornay. Next stop, Sydney airport and back on-board.

A packed weekend full of family, friends, love, joy and all the things I hold nearest and dearest.


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