Dreams – Do You Write Them Down?

I’ve been having some really vivid and colourful dreams lately. Some I know have stemmed from something that has happened earlier in the day, or from something I was watching on TV or reading just before bed. Some are completely off the planet weird and sometimes they’re the kind of dream you wish you could go back into next time you sleep.

I’m not usually one to ponder these kinds of dreams too much. I’ve not looking into their meaning or written them down but have recently started thinking about keeping a journal of my dreams, just to look back on or as inspiration for a book I might write one day.

Do you keep a dream diary? Have you found if useful/therapeutic?



  1. Yes, I used to do this many years ago. the peculiar thing about doing this was when you re read what you’d wrote no matter how long ago – you could instantly be transported back there, even remembering other details. I might start to do this again, – it was the inspiration for many poems too!

  2. Hi Kimberley

    I’ve never been one for writing my dreams down as I don’t seem to dream that often. However, when I do I know about it as it is usually accompanied by Deja vu. For example, the other day I was helping a friend move house and when we were setting up the bed and discussing the direction it should face, I was instantly transported back a matter of about two years to a dream I had about what I was doing at that moment. It was exact down to the number and gender of people present, the direction of the window and the rain that was falling outside.

    Because of this, I started a thread at the Seeker of the Way forum called Dream Diary. You and any of your readers are welcome to use it to record your dreams and to seek interpretation from any of the members there. I look forward to seeing you there.

    Timberwolf HQ

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