Trilby Phoenix – Online Bangle Purchase

Ok, so I know I was supposed to by $US priced goods but once I’m online shopping it’s all Greek to me, not really a good thing considering the state of their economy! I jumped on to one of my favourite sites for buying jewellery – Trilby Phoenix – which also coincidentally happens to be founded by a lovely girl I went to school with who was in my younger sister’s year.

I didn’t go too crazy but did purchase some gun-metal grey bangles. I don’t have anything like this already … which is how I often justify purchases. And they were on special. Another good justification.

Although, the following day I did get distracted by my Samantha Wills newsletter and purchased a cuff. Again, I don’t already have anything like it. But no, it wasn’t on special. I just really really like it. Another good justification.

Here are pics of the bangles – simple but effective. Will show you the cuff when it arrives!


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