The Waiting Room…My New Favourite Place

Two days ago I read about The Waiting Room in local Melbourne online rag Broadsheet. This is Neil Perry’s newest addition to his already awarded and lauded collection of restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne – Rockpool and Spice Temple. It opened last night, a lucky and serendipitous (or perhaps it was already in my subconscious) find on our way home.

It is stunning. Although you need to go into the depths of the bar, past the front tables that are seated in the lobby of Crown Towers Complex at Southbank. These spots are ideal for people watching or, in fact, waiting. But do go into the back partitioned spaces or, if you can, claim the end table along the lounged wall.

Be prepared to be dazzled by the strategically places ceiling mirrors and the tiny mosaic of mirrors on the walls … or are they gemstones? You can’t miss the decorative candles adding a glimmer to the mood.

And prepared for the sumptuous cocktail menu – we shared three which I’m ashamed to say I can’t remember the names of but my favourite last night was one with raspberry, rum and ginger beer – it may be called Flocanda but I may be making that up… Another was one with a morbid kind of name with a citrus tinge and also one with pomegranate that was delicious but probably not given a chance to shine given it was the last of a few drinks earlier in the evening.

I can’t wait to get back there and am very much looking forward to trying the bar food menu.

Yes, I think I’ve found my new favourite place…

P.S. Was also lucky enough to see Neil Perry standing in the bar, on watch over his newest edition to the family


Check out Rockpool and TWR’s blog here


One comment

  1. This looks a gorgeous place to go (and wait)! I love the reflections that the mirrors and candles give out ! i’d be interested to know if the food lives up to the decor:-)

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