Eating For Your Blood Type (I’m AB+)

I was chatting with a friend about diet over a delicious meal of tapas at Movida Aqui when we briefly brought up the concept of eating for your blood type. I’m a rare AB+ with only around 3% of the world’s population in this category. It is also the last blood type to be identified so it’s the ‘newest’ in a sense. I’ve heard about eating for your blood type before from cousins living up near Byron Bay and haven’t really given much thought to it except that it’s all rubbish and a balanced diet is what’s important.

But curiosity got the better of me and I started looking around for information and cam across many articles, as one would expect with Google. Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • AB+ blood types have low stomach acid levels so we can’t digest large portions of meat very well … turkey and lamb in small portions are the best options OR solid tofu (this is a bummer because I do enjoy a good steak)
    • Note: chicken is not good because high levels of lectin irritate stomach (… and there goes my red meat alternative! Turkey it is.)
  • Smaller regular meals through the day better than large meals because low level of stomach acid means we are slower to digest (good news but must remember the key word here – SMALLER, not regular)
  • We should avoid carbonated beverages … dammit, there goes my enjoyment of vodka, lime, soda … then again, it also says avoid alcohol (not happening)
  • Finally some good news: we do well on grains! At least I can continue my mundane but satisfying affair with brown rice and oats.
  • It also says we do well with dairy but this is contrary to my low level lactose intolerance

Based on a lot of the advice from different sites around half of what I eat is not suited to my blood type!

Most advice from doctors and scientists agree eating for your blood type is nonsense and there is no link there. So. while it was interesting to read about a different approach and theory about diet I’ll continue to enjoy a beef steak and try to stick to a balanced diet.

Do you follow this diet? I’m interested to hear feedback please!


Here are some links to sites I visited:



  1. I’ve read about this diet before Kimberley. Cheryl Cole swears by it. I’m Blood group A, and according to information I should be a vegetarian! Funnily enough i have been thinking of becoming one, – I’ve already cut my meat consumption down.
    There could be more to this than meets the eye……

    • Oooooh please do let me know if you do ‘eat right for your blood type’ and how/if it changes anything for you. I’ve cut down my red meat as well but my AB+ diet also means cutting out a lot of stuff I really enjoy that is also healthy eg chicken, corn, certain fruits, nuts and seeds etc. But I guess that’s part of it – finding alternatives. More turkey for me 🙂

    • Woohoo go us! Well, if you ever need blood you know who to call on 🙂
      I know, was a bit disappointed to discover some of the foods in the ‘avoid’ list are foods I love, especially red meat and mangoes! At least lamb is still ok. Although, I’m sure you know what foods you feel best after and which you don’t. Would be interesting to give this a god but it just seems so limiting!

  2. yes I eat for my blood type which is also ab+. I got parasites from eating too much red meat or large portions I should say. According to my doc who analyzes blood, the meat would just ferment in my stomache for long periods of time making the perfect environment for parasites to thrive. Unfortunately I seeked help too late and have started to develop leukemia as the parasites caused my white blood cells to become erratic. I also have a sensitive stomache. When I eat according to my blood type I feel noticably better and don’t have any gas or cramping.

  3. Just discovered today that I am blood AB+ It is shocking, knowing Ive been eating chicken and beef all my life! My stomach is sensitive and get constipated easily if I eat wrong foods. I’m so happy to know my blood group and will gladly eat according to my diet.

  4. Just like you I love my red meats and chickens but notice I can only have small portions. I will give it a go and see how i cope on it.
    What I do know about being AB+ is we are able to use any type of blood for a blood transfusion. Isn’t that cool?

  5. Hi,I`m Clem…also Ab+…..don`t eat much red meat but do enjoy the occasional steak(`roo too)…like chicken….prefer turkey….LOVE vegetables.Always eat vegies before meat…Made 102 full blood donations so far (I`m 73 yrs)..don`t smoke…alcohol rarely….regular exercise very important..lot of flatulance….cheers to all.

    • Wow Clem, you’re awesome with all those blood donations! You sound very fit and healthy. I love my veges too and do enjoy red meat and chicken but also lots of seafood. I guess it’s more about balance and finding what ‘suits you’ best. Thanks for stopping by to comment 🙂 Kimberley

      • Hi! im AB+……..Miss a good porterhouse (none for 4 yrs); however, discovered Bison….No bloating,nausea…actually feel energized bcause of high iron content. ONLY organic chicken and lots of seafood and spinach. Confused re dairy…cant tolerate…only goat cheese…Mayb a part of aging….55………………….Thanks for educating info! Laurie

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