Degraves Espresso (Degraves St) + Brunetti, City Square (214 Flinders Lane, Melbourne)

Brunch at Degraves Street and a coffee at Brunetti were both ‘very Melbourne’ venues for a weekend catch-up with a Sydney friend in town for a few days.

We both had a vegetarian brekkie at Degraves Espresso: seeded rye toast, eggs, spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms – healthy and filling with poached eggs just the way I like them … hard and rubbery so I can pick the yolk out! The weird dry texture and rich flavour of egg yolk, when in its basic form, puts me off the rest of my food so I like to be able to pick it out in its full round form!

The cafe is grungy and service a bit slap dash and the meal was what is was, nothing too special. Although the coffee was good and the vibe ‘very Melbourne’ as I justified it to Maria!

To walk off brekkie we headed down to check out her hotel, Medina on Flinders St which was lovely and had a large balcony overlooking the bustle. A disaster story (funny in hindsight!) about a Formula 1 Hotel and her clueless boss who booked the work trip for her and her husband (they now work together and were at a music expo) prompted the quick hotel stop-in.

Next stop was Brunetti for a hot chocolate and giant chocolate marshmellow – so simple yet so delicious! We sat in the sunshine, something Melbourne has been deprived of for some time, and planned a BBQ at the house she and hubby are building (yes, they are actually doing hands-on building!).

My sister was also down for a few days catching some plays at the Fringe Festival. We had lunch at my local work favourite Love Pho where we’ve been before and yesterday stalked Smith Street in the sunshine for some Trippy Taco and Lost + Found Market. We have been to these places before so I think next time I’ll pick the place and take her to Victoria St for some Vietnamese and to Pellegrinis for some more ‘very Melbourne’ moments.


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