I Hit a Girl (and I Liked It…)

I had my first sparring session at DMMA last night as part of a boxing session. Fitted out in my new white gloves I paired with a girl who has trained to compete in the past so, naturally, I was a little bit scared. But with mouthguard in place I did my best to remember everything I’ve learned so far about where to keep my gloves, elbows, hips, feet, eyes and chin. So much goes into each move I was exhausted.

It’s also a very strange thing, for me anyway, to punch someone in the face. To aim for someone’s face is counter-intuitive to everything I’ve been taught and especially all that I’ve ever practiced. I’m a lover, not a fighter…usually…but I feel this can change. It has to if I want to survive in the ring. So, in these next few months I’ll be invoking the fighter within so I can get some more punches out.

I have a feeling this is going to take some time and many more sessions before it starts to feel natural… and some more training sessions with a pro boxer, my secret training weapon.

Watch this space (and your face!)…



  1. It’s nice to see that you’re continuing with the boxing training – I did it about 5 years back and it’s definitely a great workout.

    These days I’m more keen on improving my flexibility (I joined up at the Richmond Rec Centre last week), but I can say without a doubt that the boxing circuit made the most dramatic impact on my body, as well as my endurance and stamina.

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