Hutong Dumpling Bar (14 Market Lane, Melbourne) – SENSATIONAL!

Celebration last night as I finally got to have dinner at Hutong Dumpling Bar in the city. Since moving to Melbourne I’ve heard rave reviews and ‘you must go there’ recommendations and I’ve planned to go there numerous times, although none successfully because it’s been booked out. It did not disappoint.

The lovely Melissa booked us in to get our dumpling on and we – Melissa and Warren, and favourites Steve and Marcus – indulged and consumed to our hearts and stomachs content (ok, it was a little more than content!). We shared a mix of the famous dumplings filled with meat and a light broth – the kind you bite a corner from and suck out the soup, as advised by the table-top placard instructing diners how to eat these parcels of heaven.

We also shared spicy chilli chicken wings (deep fried but so good!), spinach dumplings, spicy schezuan lamb (so tender and cooked to perfection), steamed pork dumplings, Shao-Long Bao (amazing dumplings filled with broth!), pan-friend dumplings, spicy eggplant dish (sensational), and Singapore noodles.

Yes, we did demolish it all, yes we were full, and yes we did have dessert! The others had the banana fritters with ice-cream, I had just ice-cream which soothed the chilli effect and finished a perfect evening off very well.

This is a wonderful culinary experience and the bill came in at about $40 per head including an alcoholic bevvy and tea. I would recommend coming here – it is beautifully done and without a doubt the best dumpling experience I’ve had in Melbourne (I dare say ‘ever’) so far.

Do you have any recommendations for dumplings?



  1. You have to visit Shanghai Village Dumplings. I always rave on about this place cos they’re quality dumplings for dirt cheap!

    • Hehe – all good. HuTong was sensational! Yes I do like Shanghai for a quickie but then I kind of think you can buy a pack of dumplings from an asian store and steam them up in no time so it’s not as ‘special’ for eating out. I’ve made a pact to try and have stuff I woudn’t cook myself when I eat out. Have you got any suggestions for places to eat in Melbourne? Cheap is good!!

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