How Will CEOs Use Social Media in the Future?

Hundreds of articles pass my eyes each week. Usually I read the headline and the first paragraph or two to see if the story resonates and compels me to read further. Today, this Mashable article did: How CEOs Will Use Social Media in the Future.

It is about the younger generation slowly taking over the positions of our business leaders and the impact of the changing nature of communication for the ‘Next Generation of CEOs’.

There is a massive divide between the ‘closed corporate’ mentality of most (not all, there are some with the social media mindset) CEOs and the open, transparent practices of the younger connected generations. Will our big corporates become open companies promoting sharable brands and encouraging consumers to appropriate their content?

—- break to attend a Viocorp webcast about the future of social media: see twitter stream here – lots of great content from the crowd —-

Ok, so I’ve just come from the webcast and the ‘age thing’ was raised. Thinking about this further, it is easy to point to the generation gap but it’s not really and ‘age thing’, it’s more about mindset. Younger generations have grown up with constant change and new technologies so yes, it may be easier for them to adapt to new social networks. But I’ve met and heard of some gun ‘mature’ people forging ahead in the space.

I think the major difference between leaders now and in the future will be that a social media culture will be influenced and encouraged from top down, rather than bottom up or from a small department of social media crusaders as in companies now.

I hope there will be a greater understanding of the value of open and social brands that will filter through the culture and thinking of companies. It will be interesting to see what kind of role CEOs and business leaders will have in contributing to the social nature of the companies they keep.


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