Sunday at Middle Brighton Baths and Riva (St Kilda)

The sun was out – a rare showing in the gloomy Melbourne winter – so Khara and I took advantage of the rays (although no warmth came through we were thankful for the sunlight) and headed to Middle Brighton Baths for lunch. It is a fabulous decked restaurant/cafe with a stunning view over the bay and a collection of moored yachts. There was even one swimmer enjoying the emptiness of the baths.

We sat outside on the deck and really enjoyed the hints of spring. We started with a crispy garlic bread then I had the prawn and pork salad (thing crunchy asian vegetables) and Khara had the chicken caesar. We finished it off with a coffee – mine over a scoop of ice cream (affogato) and hers was an iced coffee. The food was nice enough but a little underwhelming. I think I should have chosen the fish and chips or hamburger instead.

Khara is leaving Melbourne this week and heading to Sydney for a couple of weeks before moving to London to live for the two years her Visa allows (or more if she loves it and is sponsored or married!). So the mood was cheery but the undercurrent a sad one.

We moved to Melbourne around the same time and in the past year she has been such a beautiful friend who I’ve become close with and will miss terribly. We have encouraged each other to make the most of Melbourne living, learned Spanish together and explored markets and other Melbourne must-dos. I have her to thank – without her friendship and support I don’t think I would have enjoyed the move her quite as much.

We plan to meet up in Spain next year to practice all the Spanish we’ve learned and will no doubt have forgotten by then!

After our relaxing seaside lunch we decided to walk along the foreshore to our next destination, Riva lounge/bar/restaurant in St Kilda, to meet my colleague and new-found friend Jaselyn for her birthday. It’s a decent 40 minute walk although the iPhone Google Map said over and hour so we must have powered past the strollers, dogs and families on bikes. It’s a lovely walk, one I recommend but I imagine it gets quite busy on a warm day.

We met Jaselyn and friends in the lounge area, slowly taking over the corner of the venue and incidentally making new friends with the people on the neighbouring lounge. It is positioned on the water and overlooks a very pretty view. Drinks were flowing, bowls of wedges were consumed, and there was a lot of laughing and some dancing by the fireplace as well (it IS still winter after all!). A fun evening with some beautiful people – thanks Jase!

Tonight Khara and I will have one last dinner together before she sets off on a new and exciting adventure (and just a little bit scary) at Cafe Tango, one of our old favourites. The theme is ‘not to be sad’ and we’ll be focusing on meeting up in Spain next year. But I am sad to be losing a friend overseas in my own selfish way I wish she wasn’t moving. At the same time I am very excited and happy and nervous for her new journey that lies ahead. Khara, I hope you start a blog…

Hasta luego mi amiga, Khara. Besos x


One comment

  1. Gracias chica!!!

    When I start to miss Melbourne and the amazing summer you’re going to have at least I know I can keep up to date with your continuing Melbourne adventures on your blog. And yes, you’re right I really should start one of my own!

    I’ll miss you loads too xoxoxo

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